Book Review: Red Dog Saloon by R.D. Sherrill

Six conspirators who committed an unspeakable crime two decades ago at a country honkytonk called Red Dog Saloon are being eliminated in grisly fashion. The only clues to their brutal murders are the words Red Dog written at the scenes of their slayings in their own blood. Sheriff Sam Delaney races against time to figure out what has prompted the crimes in his normally quiet county while the conspirators turn on each other, hoping to avoid the judgment they set in motion with the evil deeds of their youth. They find that despite moving on with their lives, there is no redemption for their past deeds.

I enjoyed this book. The Sheriff of Castle County was on a search to figure out the clue–who’s behind the “Red Dog” murders. There was a twist upon the twist of Dark Man’s identity, which left me satisfied and shocked at the ending!

My favorite lines: 1) ” Who waits twenty years for payback?” 2) “For Sam the motive was obvious. It was the remaining targets that were unclear. Were there one or five?” 

As a reader, I couldn’t tell if there was head hopping or if the story was just written in the omniscient point-of-view. A lot of things were explained so some of the suspense wasn’t there for me.

I really respected Sheriff Sam and his Deputy Ben. They were on their A-game and didn’t back down from solving the horrible incident from 20 years ago, even though the retired Sherriff had covered up the inexcusable crime. When I found out what those men did to that young woman in that bar 20 years ago, I rooted for the Dark Man to torture all of them. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. 

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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