Happy That I Found an Affordable, Reliable Editor!!!

I’ve heard horror stories of authors paying editors to look over their work. After payment, the editor vanishes (but responds if there’s a new email, thinking it’s a new client), continuously misses deadlines, or does a piss poor job.

Thankfully, I got over my fear and went looking for an editor–affordable, of course. I’m a poor writer. Don’t judge me hee hee.

The editor, Monica Shaughnessy, far exceeded my expectations! Her website is: http://monicashaughnessy.wordpress.com/author-services

I was going to settle on making Twisted Obsession a dark contemporary piece. No matter what I did, the suspense was lacking. Monica changed all of that. I appreciated her honest feedback. She was fast and efficient, never missing any deadlines. She gave me a “light” edit first, which contained a lot of helpful notes throughout my manuscript. Then, she provided me the developmental notes, basing everything on characters’ motivations, plot, conflict, etc (basically what readers look for in an entertaining story).

I loved all of her suggestions, especially the new plot outline. I have to rearrange some scenes and add new ones to make everything work. Monica really understood my characters Finia and Miki. And, she loved my ending. No changes in that department!

I’m so excited. I’ve been busy revising, so I can publish my story soon. I’ll need to find a book cover. Since I know the genre is suspense, I’ll look for an appropriate cover. I got a great response with my Plenty of Fish cover, so I’ll look for something like that.

Keep smiling,
Yawatta Hosby

4 thoughts on “Happy That I Found an Affordable, Reliable Editor!!!

  1. Glad you found a great editor! If you need help with your cover email me, I can give you the name of the lady who designed Fiendish. She’s easy to work with and very affordable! I’m a poor writer too. LOL

    • How did I not see this? Sorry about the delay in commenting. Thanks Monica! Creepy should be my middle name–that so didn’t come out right lol

      Keep smiling,

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