Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #23

Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome site that allows writers and authors to share their 8-sentence excerpts, published or unpublished, to the blogosphere. It’s a fun way to communicate with other writers and find new readers. If you’d like to join or would like to read excerpts from talented writers, please visit the WeWriWa website on Sunday ( http://www.wewriwa.com ).

Here’s my excerpt from my celebrity scandal story. The cast of Remember Me is at the airport, ready to go on their international promotional tour. Sequoia is nervous because she hasn’t seen her Hollywood family in a while and a magazine just ripped her to shreds. Here goes:

“Holy shit, are they all here for you? They act like you’re the Royal family or something.”

“You’re dating a Queen; it’s about time you realize it,” Kenley teased while shifting her body to peak at her boyfriend.

“You want me to walk you two to the gates?”

Sequoia and Kenley shared a look, “Please baby,” Kenley answered.

Her boyfriend nodded; Sequoia ran her fingers over her ponytail ; she hadn’t recognized Diego through the flashing lights, but she caught a glimpse of another TMZ paparazzi–a female. She’d probably rip Sequoia to shreds. It was definitely a good idea that he was tagging along as a bodyguard.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #23

  1. I always feel kind of sorry for actors and actresses…they are just people, no better than anyone else, but wow, the scrutiny they are under.

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