Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #22

The Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome site that allows writers to share their 8-sentence excerpt, published or unpublished, with the blogosphere. If you’d like to join or read wonderful talent, please visit the WeWriWa website on Sunday. Here’s the link: http://www.wewriwa.com

In celebration of my new release, I’ll share the very first 8 sentences of my suspenseful short story:

Sensing eyes watching her from behind, Mackenzie’s body tensed up. Who was it? She hadn’t heard any footsteps. The downfall of keeping The Loft’s door open–anyone could interrupt her at any given time.

She paused mid-stroke of the brush painting a moon on the canvas, then spun around. A strong smell of maple invaded her nostrils. “Are you lost? A new artist?”


Local celebrity painter Mackenzie knows better than to talk to strangers. But, he seems to know so much about her already…

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