Plenty of Fish Cover Reveal!!!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, then you probably haven’t heard my great news yet! My new suspenseful short story, Plenty of Fish, will be released this month! I shared my book cover on social media and would like to also reveal it to my awesomesauce blog followers 🙂

I’d like to thank my cover design artist, Melody Simmons, at eBookindiecovers. She creates custom and premade covers at a reasonable price.

Here’s my cover:

Plenty of Fish OTHER SITES


Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



3 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish Cover Reveal!!!

  1. My presence with keeping up with the news on the ‘feeds is terrible! Congrats, though. That is a great cover, and I’ll definitely [try and] keep an eye out for the release. Looks like a story I’d enjoy. How’s the novella going, by the way?

    • Hey Alexandrina,

      I can’t keep up with twitter feeds either. Recently, I unfollowed a bunch of people–I couldn’t take any more “Buy My Books” every 10 seconds LOL.

      Thanks for liking my cover. I’ll definitely write a blog post when it’s released. Shouldn’t be much longer now 🙂

      Twisted Obsession is coming along well. Maybe in about 2 months it should be completed….Revisions are time consuming 🙂 (You can have a free copy of that one if you want for helping me)

      Keep smiling,

      • Yuh, I know what you mean. I rarely unfollow people in a literal sense, but I do tend to gloss over a lot of the feed when I go online.


        Aww, I’d love a free copy, Yawatta. You don’t have to do that (but I’ll take it if you’re offering, tehe)! It was my pleasure to beta for you.

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