Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #16

The Weekend Writing Warriors site is pretty awesome. It allows writers to showcase their published or unpublished work to the blogosphere for encouragement, support, and or feedback. Writers share an 8-sentence excerpt every Sunday. To read talented snippets or to join, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, October 5th.

Here’s my excerpt (the last one for this chapter):

Cody focused his attention back to Perry. “No wonder Quoia left your whack ass. She probably caught you sucking his dick. At least that’s the only reason I can think of for a guy to be so passionate while defending another guy.” Cody smirked.

Perry grabbed Colin’s fist in mid-air, halting him from punching Cody’s face. “I said he isn’t worth it!”

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


I recently signed up for Critique Circle (my username is Yhosby), and I’m submitting this particular story in the queue. It’s starting from the beginning. I had so much fun writing the middle and ending, so I may decide to cut (or shorten) the beginning. It seems to be more lighthearted instead of having tension. I wouldn’t want readers to get bored!

Anyway, if you’re on Critique Circle, look me up. Since I’m not a Premium Member, I can’t make buddy requests 😦

15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #16

  1. hahahaha….well. Cody doesn’t know how lucky he is that Perry stopped Collin. That man likes to push buttons it seems and he was about to be eating dirt if Collin had his way.

  2. So much emotion and testosterone in this scene. I think you capture it very well and as, Alexis said above, it does make me very curious as to what’s gone on before. Great snippet!

    • Hey Veronica,

      Thank you. I’ll show the chapter with the interview this Sunday, so you guys can get the dirt on what exactly happened.

      Keep smiling,

  3. Love this last line: Perry grabbed Colin’s fist in mid-air, halting him from punching Cody’s face. “I said he isn’t worth it!” I could really see it happening. great 8!

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