Being Productive During This Waiting Game

I’m not complaining, but…I wish editing was finished for my short story Plenty of Fish. It’s been 4 months, and all I can do is patiently wait. The experience is worth it; P.N. Elrod is a respected member of the publishing industry.  I just wish I had something to publish by now.

Even though my book release schedule is at a standstill, I haven’t been sitting and doing nothing. I think you guys would be proud of me–no procrastinating ways 🙂

1.  I’ve been submitting short stories to magazines/journals. One Missed Call was rejected by Flash Fiction Magazine, so that same day I submitted to Postcard Shorts.

2.  I’ve been attending writing events around the area. In fact, I’m going to the Shepherd University’s Writing Master Class to help give feedback to other writers. Plus to support Melissa!

3.  I signed up for Critique Circle  (my username is Yhosby) and I meet with two writing buddies once a month for feedback and motivation. The website Weekend Writing Warriors is also pretty cool. My main objective is meeting new people and having as many objective eyes on my projects as possible.

4. I’ve been a guest on other blogs and websites. This week my article “How To Effectively Interact on Goodreads and Find Readers” went live on Mash Stories. And, I signed up for a Halloween Blog bash for next month. I’ll be promoting 3 posts.

5.  I’m working on new novellas and novels; plus, Melissa and I are writing a screenplay. We meet once a week, creating 8 scenes each session. Woo hoo! I can see it now–me in Hollywood 🙂 –behind the scenes, just the way I like it.

Hopefully, my next news will be my short story is published soon!!!! For excerpts and news of my book releases, please sign up for my newsletter–The Creative Mind of Yawatta Hosby.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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