Book Review: Titus Drummond’s Dark Regret By James Lamb

20888892***I received a free copy from the Paranormal & Horror Lovers Group on Goodreads for an honest review***

Wrongly accused, but innocent of a crime, in the throes of a painful divorce and forced into a bartending job, accountant Frederick Tate is trying to claw his shattered life back together. Still haunted by a traumatic childhood incident and echoes of the past, a move to a bedsit within a sprawling Victorian villa promises a new start. But, as something unspeakable invades his home he discovers one person holds the key to his unfolding horror and a century old tragedy. Frederick’s worst possible nightmare is about to become a reality.

A delicious tale of revolting evil set in present day England.

I enjoyed this book. It started in the year of 1896 with Jim Quigley and Titus Drummond. They both stayed at the Grosvenor Villa. It was very suspicious that Titus wanted to cover a wall with bricks. As a reader, I was happy that I was right.

Flash forward to the year of 2013. Frederick now lives in Titus’s old apartment, and unexplainable events keeps happening around him. I jumped in my seat when he found a dead cat under his window.

Other than that, I didn’t really find the story scary. I enjoyed Frederick freaking out over everything–his ex wife accused him of cooking the books so he got fired. I liked how Kate didn’t bother to feed into Frederick’s conspiracy theories because perhaps he cried wolf too many times. It caused tension within the story. The book took a while to get to the action, but once it did, the story was well worth the read.

My favorite line: The mysterious hole stared back at him like a single, dead, soulless eye.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Yawatta Hosby



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