Book Review: Voodoo Ridge By David Freed

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

It’s 1956. A plane bearing a mysterious cargo takes off from a small airport outside Los Angeles and disappears into a raging storm. Nearly 60 years later, while flying over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, retired military assassin-turned-civilian flight instructor and would-be Buddhist Cordell Logan catches a glint of sunlight on metal and spots what appears to be aircraft wreckage. His life will never be the same.

Logan and his beautiful ex-wife, Savannah, plan a reconciliation in posh Lake Tahoe. But upon landing in the Ruptured Duck, his beloved aging Cessna, Logan agrees to put those plans on hold when he’s asked to help guide a search and rescue team to the remote, mountainous crash site. The team finds not only a long-missing airplane, with the mummified remains of its pilot still at the controls, but something much more recent and far more sinister: the body of a young man, shot to death only hours earlier. Someone has beaten the rescuers to the site and will clearly stop at nothing to profit from what the plane was carrying-including kidnapping and threatening to kill Savannah if Logan refuses to help them carry out their getaway plans. With the clock ticking and the love of his life in peril, Logan is drawn into a vexing vortex as personal and potentially deadly as any he’s ever known.

Voodoo Ridge is a fast-paced adrenaline-fueled thrill ride filled with the kind of unexpected twists, full-throttle action and wry humor that won Freed’s Flat Spin and Fangs Out, the first two installments in the Cordell Logan mystery series, rave reviews and a legion of loyal fans.

18619351I loved this book. The author was great with voice and characterization. The story never left Cordell Logan’s sarcastic wit, and I loved every second of it. Even though the story was in first person point-of-view, I felt like I got to know everyone. The villains and good guys were all three-dimensional. I had three suspects of who was behind the sinister plan, and I was totally wrong. The author did a great job with red herrings!

My favorite lines: 1) “Yesterday. It seemed so long ago.” 2) “You get right to the point, don’t you?” “One of my many character flaws.” 3) “Patience, unfortunately has never been my strong suit.”

I’m a sucker for happy endings, so I was excited to see that Logan and Savannah were planning on getting married again. They went away on a honeymoon, never to be the same again. Logan spotted an airplane crash site and reported it. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a good samaritan. His call led to criminals abducting Savannah to blackmail him into flying the dirty goods out of the state. I was very, very, very SHOCKED at what happened on page 235!!! I never expected that! It was cool that the author David Freed wasn’t afraid to go there. The ending gave me hope for Logan because let’s face it, he was my favorite character throughout the book.

I loved all the tension between Logan and his suspects of Savannah’s kidnapping. He wasn’t playing around! The end of the book made me sad (in a good way).

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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