You Know You’re an INTJ When…

I found this awesome list on These Are People You Know’s Tumblr. To see the entire list (I know you want to hee hee), check out the site. I thought it’d be fun to break down each point in how it relates to me. Here goes:

1.  People think you’re angry or upset when really you are just thinking.

  • I get asked all the time “what’s wrong?” and sometimes it gets really annoying. My cousin (the first time I met her) asked if I was the type to wear a permanent bitchface. I answered as honestly as I could, being taken aback hee hee.

2.  You can do the INTJ stare, that look of pure analyzing coupled with a slightly sardonic smile that makes people feel uneasy.

  • I love picking on people, especially when they least expect it. Sometimes it’s fun to notice a guy looking over at me if I’m in a cafe or library. As a game, I’ll steadily keep glancing over in his direction to get his attention, then I’ll just stare and stare to see if I can get a reaction.

3.  You silently listen to people trying to figure out how to do something, then chime in with the correct way while they stare at you stunned because they didn’t think you where paying attention.

  • This happens all of the time! I’m pretty good at tuning people out because I’m always inside my head, so people tend to think I’m not listening. I really am though; I’m good with multi-tasking. I always laugh when my friends or co-workers are caught off guard. When the quiet ones speak, you must listen hee hee.

4.  You look at every conflict situation as an interesting idea, and it pisses off the person you’re in a conflict with.

  • I’m very fascinated with psychology and sociology. So yes, I tend to think of life as social experiments. If someone is upset with me, I view it as a case study to observe his/her reactions and what steps I take to make the situation better. It’s more about being interested in the situation, instead of considering his/her feelings. But, if both ways tend to have a positive outcome (me apologizing if I was wrong), then I don’t see the problem.

5.  When you are having a conversation with someone and you can use more abverbs such as “however, yet, on the other hand” more often than you should because that is the “break” between different view points about the subject being conversed. Then the recipient stares at you blankly.

  • I’m the queen of using “however” and “but” hee hee. I honestly believe every explanation or opinion can be changed depending on circumstances. Since I’m constantly thinking of every possible outcome, I have to throw in those adverbs to break my opinion down. I think this way, but if this happened, then my thought process could change…

6.  When in a debate, your most commonly used phrase is “Could I get some proof for that?”

  • I use this phrase all the time, and it could be for something simple. My co-worker is pretty cool; she loves telling random fun facts every day. And like clockwork, I always have my suspicions and tell her to state her source hee hee.

7.  When you can effectively argue both sides of a debate, you just pick one for fun.

  • I love debating if it’s fun. I can think on the top of my head pretty fast, and I can be quite convincing even if I don’t believe in what I’m saying. I hate when people use debate to try and act like their opinion is gospel. That if you don’t agree, then you’re automatically wrong. With these types of folks, that’s usually when I automatically take their opposite viewpoint just to piss them off.

8.  You have 3-10 different conversations in your head with the person you’re actually talking to.

  • This goes back to I’m a good multi-tasker. 🙂 If only my real conversations were more interesting than the ones in my head.

9.  You root for the smart villain rather than the dumb hero.

  • Yes, yes, and yes! I always love the villains in movies, TV, especially reality TV. The villains make things fun. I hate being bored, and when people are in conflict, then it’s entertaining. The crazier, the better. Plus, I appreciate intelligence and charm, characteristics of a villain (not that I’d want to meet one in real life).

10.  When people say you always look like you are planning/plotting something; the association then often makes them conclude that you look evil.

  • Am I always plotting? I’ll never tell. But, I’m always thinking people are plotting, in turn, trying to figure out their scheme.

11.  When you just finished explaining something profound and interesting and the person who you are talking to goes “HUH?”

  • This drives me bonkers! I’m usually quiet, so when I take the time to speak, please listen. I hate when I go into an explanation (with excitement!), then the other person didn’t get it at all. It bums me out and then I’m unmotivated to explain it again.

12.  When you have a large mess but know exactly where everything is and people are amazed that you can find anything. You also go through cycles of neat-messy-neat-messy-neat. You are never rigidly neat, you are never overwhelmingly messy.

  • This is me to a tee. With my mess, especially with stacks of papers and notebooks, I know exactly where something is. That’s why I get lost if it’s not in the spot where I left it.

13.  Someone starts a sentence with “Why don’t you…” and you turn and give them a very mean look.

  • I appreciate advice, I really do, but don’t tell me that I should do something. Give advice and leave it at that. Don’t make me seem incompetent.

14.  You constantly watch people do things and create more efficient ways of doing them.

  • I’m an observer. I like to watch people (not in a stalkerish way I hope!) and from that, I can gather if they are doing something that’s more work than necessary. I especially study my co-workers. I’m not making things harder than they have to be. That’s ludicrous.

15.  Before every situation you think out every possible outcome and work your way towards the ideal one.

  • I don’t know any other way to analyze things. It takes me a long time to reach a decision, but when I do, I know it’s the best one.

16.  Someone tries to hurt you with words and you don’t feel a thing, in fact, you kind of find it funny.

  • It’s hilarious when someone tries to get under my skin and gets upset when I have no reaction. Sorry buddy. If you only know me on the surface, then of course, you don’t know what will piss me off. Hearing that someone is talking behind my back doesn’t anger me. Whatever. It’s just an opinion. Being nasty to my face is annoying, but I won’t shed any tears. I’ll just look at you like you’re stuck on stupid (while in my head thinking of every sarcastic comeback that I can say to get some laughs).

17.  You’re listening to someone you quickly jump ahead to their point while multi-processing their motive for telling you, how they jumped to that topic, what level of response will be adequate (verbal, head nod, etc.), and planning whatever it is you rather be doing…all before they even finish their sentence.

  • I’m a firm believer that everyone does things for a reason. If you’re talking to me, then it’s for something. If you’re bringing something up, then you either want my opinion or you want my help. I always try to figure out people’s motives when they’re talking to me. I swear I was a spy or detective in my previous life hee hee.

18.  When you really, honestly don’t care what most other people think about you, and are perfectly fine doing things your own way.

  • I don’t care what people think of me. I’m going to do me. If you don’t like me, then don’t hang out with me. If you do like me, then great. I won’t lose any sleep over someone’s opinion.

For all the INTJs out there, is there anything I missed?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


10 thoughts on “You Know You’re an INTJ When…

  1. This is interesting. I’m not an INTJ, but most of my close friends are. I’ve never taken that test actually, but now I’m curious XD This list accurately describes some of my friends and I’m the complete opposite. I’m introverted with strangers but extroverted with people I know. And on the internet I come off as an extrovert too.

    • Hey Paper Butterfly,

      I’m like that too. I’m really shy and quiet around strangers, but around my friends I’m really sarcastic and goofy. I can talk forever about ideas and what if–, but I HATE small talk LOL.

      That’s cool that you’re an INFP. “INs” are special 🙂

      Keep smiling,

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  3. my favourites of the bunch are:

    NO 1 the first point
    NO 18 the last point

    really spotted on. hehehehe
    and one of the reason we might be the same in most way is because we are Leo and we are cool…hehehehe. good luck dear!

    just keep swimming
    aini ing

    • Hey Aini,

      That’s right. Leos are cool 🙂 And, thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!

      I’ll try swimming as long as you smile.

      Keep smiling,

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha. Recognise a lot if not all. Especially the “Why don’t you …” (to which the answer – if at all – would be “what, you think I hadn’t thought of that?!”).

    Very nice, thanks.

    • Hey Rob,

      Haha I’m happy you liked my list. I tend to give someone the side eye or get a bit feisty if they say “Why don’t you…” or “You should…”

      Keep smiling,

  5. This is so accurate. 😅 I also posted something, though it’s about how it’s like to be a female INTJ. But yeah, I approve on this, only that I’m not much of a multitasker. 🙂

    • Hi Yahnree,

      I’ll check out your post. I’m always curious how other INTJ females experiences go. People like to call me cold and a robot even though I don’t think I am. I like to say I can multi-task but distractions can definitely get in the way haha.

      Keep smiling,

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