Interview With Meka James, Author of Fiendish

Please welcome my special guest Meka James, the author of Fiendish. Please enjoy her insightful interview.

223755211.  Do you have any advice for other writers trying to get published?

Not really. I’ve only published one book and I’m still learning my way through the process. I guess the best thing I could say would be to find help. Join forums designed for writers and engage in those forums. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or more importantly ask for help when/if you  need it. The cyber world can be scary, but at the same time I’ve found some very friendly and helpful people along the way.

2.  Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you for the support! I don’t have a huge following by any means, but I do appreciate those that have bought the book, and let me know they enjoyed it.

3.  What are your thoughts on the fact that both trade and self-published authors have to promote their own work?

I wasn’t aware that trade authors had to do this. I thought the whole idea of being a trade author was that you had people to do this for you through your publishing house. I’m new, I’m naive on some things I guess, but if a trade author HAS to do their own promotion what is the benefit of having a publishing house? To have a better chance of having your book in bookstores?

4.  What genre do you write for? Your favorite aspect? Your least favorite aspect?

I write what I think is romance, only my book didn’t have the industry standard HEA so I don’t think it really falls into that category. I guess my least favorite aspect is the limitations on the genre. I understand that a romance is supposed to end with sunshine and rainbows, but sometimes that’s not how life works. Yes, these are works of fiction so it could go that way if we, the author wanted to direct it that way, but sometimes it’s just not possible. My favorite aspect would be creating the world and dynamics that bring my characters to life.

5.  What are your current/next projects?

My current project is a follow up novel to Fiendish that I’ve titled Not Broken.

6.  Do you prefer to work alone or with critique partners/beta-readers?

With partners. I need to be able to talk out loud (or on a keyboard) to someone to bounce around ideas. I tend to let myself get stuck a lot, and mostly on small details and I need that push to say it’s fine leave it and move on.

7.  How do you find time to write?

As a mother of 4 I tell ya, it’s hard. Especially now during the summer with all the kids home. When they are in school, I write while they at school so that when they get home my attention can be focused on them.

8.  Did you always want to become an author?

No, the thought never crossed my mind. Two years ago (well maybe almost 3) I started writing a blog story. Things have snowballed from there.

9.  Are there any writing rituals you complete before creating your manuscripts/drafts?

Nope. I will get an idea, maybe the whole first chapter will come to me and I work it out from there. I suck at planning and outlining so if I get a great scene for the story, I’ll write it out and try to figure out how I can work it in later.

10.  Do you write the beginning/opening first or do you tend to write out of order (with whatever scenes interest you the most)?

I always start at the beginning since that’s how my ideas hit me. From there I like to try and write in order so I don’t confuse myself, but if a scene comes to me, I will write it out and worry about where it may fit in later.

11.  Have you ever hated something you wrote?

All the time. I am my biggest critic. I will read something I wrote and think it’s crappy. I’ll send it over to a friend of mine (back to that partner thing LOL) and have her read it. She will either agree it’s crap and give me some ideas as to why, or she’ll tell me I’m crazy and it works well.

12.  Which is the easiest for you–novel, novella, or short story? Why?

Can’t really say since I’ve only written the novel. Since my book tops out at over 600 pages, I’m thinking I’m a tad wordy so a novella or short story may be hard for me. I do want to try my hand at an erotic novella, so we’ll see how that goes.

13.  While you were writing, did you ever feel like you were one of your characters?

At times. I would try to imagine how I would react in that situation in hopes of getting the emotion right for the scene.

14.  How did you come up with the title?

My main character, Seth. Considering the nature of the book and the person I was making him out to be, the word fit him perfectly.

15.  What inspired you to write your latest book? What is the book about?

Fiendish started out as a simple blog story. It was a challenge prompt in my writing group, to take a classic fairytale and give it our own spin and adult twist. I’d always loved Beauty and the Beast so I chose that for my base. I knew I wanted something different than the outwardly beastly guy who needed to be humbled and find love to break a curse, so Seth was born. He’s perfection on the outside and beyond beastly on the inside. I tried to bring in some aspects of the fairytale, but it’s not a standard retelling by any means. The quote at the beginning of the book really speaks to Calida’s character. She does have a lot of strength in her perceived weakness. What she’s able to endure, and overcome is proof of that.

A friend who loved the concept convinced me I should take it further and make it into a novel. I was hesitant because of the subject matter, but decided to take the plunge. Her unexpected passing made this project even more meaningful for me. Now it’s ready and out for the world to (hopefully) enjoy.

The book Fiendish is a dark and twisted take on Beauty and the Beast. The story follows the relationship of Calida Alexander and Seth Jokobi. Seth is a man with a very dark nature, one that he hides well from the world. When he and Calida meet, she’s taken in by the ‘mask’ he wears and the two begin a relationship. As things progress his darker side starts to come through and his true nature is revealed. Calida is forced to deal with her conflicted emotions while lying to those around her in order to keep them safe.

16.  Any blogs, websites, social media you’d like to share?


Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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