How Should I Celebrate My Birthday Month? Join Camp NaNo, Of Course!

For all those joining July’s Camp NaNo, enjoy your last day of freedom! If you ever hang out in the NaNoWriMo forums, my username is Yawatta Writes. I’m very excited! I’m set up in a cabin with other writers from the eastern panhandle. It’ll be cool to get support and study our progress. I’ll obsessively check our stats (I’m an INTJ, I can’t help it hee hee). The beauty of the Camp NaNo website is that once a writer joins a cabin, then they get to see their own progress on their novel, and on the other column shows the total word count from all the members of the cabin. Right now, there’s 3 of us.

The premise:

At the end of 31 days, writers should have produced 50,000 words. That’s 1,613 words a day. Protect your writing time! People will definitely test you! 🙂

For my novel, I’m creating a suspense story based off a young ballerina who turns crazy once her older brother dies. She blames their sister for his death, so she terrorizes her. The sister is too afraid to speak up, but their mother has suspicions. The dad stays in denial because “daddy’s little girl” could never do anything bad….

Dun. Dun. Dun.


I’m excited to start this new project, but I’d also like to share what I’ve been up to lately.

  • My short, Plenty of Fish, is with an editor now. If she keeps up the steady pace, then I should have her feedback by the end of July or the beginning of August. This will more than likely be my next published story.
  • Right now, I have a poll on my blog getting readers’ opinions of what my  new title should be for my suspense novella. Once I decide on a title, I’ll contact a potential editor to make arrangements. I’m crossing my fingers that she won’t be too busy. She’s affordable, and I trust her. If everything works out, then this story will be my next longer piece published.
  • I’ve finally been editing my 90 day novel. My critique partner is looking over it now. I can’t believe I started that challenge 2 years ago! Where did the time go? More importantly, where was my headspace to avoid dealing with this women fiction’s novel? Instead of dividing in three parts, I decided that it would be best to make it into a series. These books are about three celebrities caught up in a cheating scandal.
  • My writing buddy and I have been working on a screenplay based in Harper’s Ferry. I’ve had fun studying popular screenplays and outlining. I’m all about researching guidelines, so I’m confident that we’ll produce something worthy of Hollywood 🙂
  • I’m outlining the sequel to One By One and Something’s Amiss. Some readers have expressed an interest in wanting this to happen, so of course, I’ll listen. After Camp NaNo is over, I’ll work on the first drafts of these two projects.

And, that’s about it. The best promotion for self-publishers is producing more books. I’m taking things a day at a time, even been scanning premade bookcover sites.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



8 thoughts on “How Should I Celebrate My Birthday Month? Join Camp NaNo, Of Course!

  1. The ballet story sounds interesting! I was training to be a professional ballerina as a kid till I got a serious injury. I’m a bit confused about who is the bad one? There are two sisters, and one of them goes crazy. The non crazy one is the one that supposedly killed him? I love delving into mental illness in stories, both reading and writing it. There are a lot of opportunities for creativity. Timothy Findley often has a schizophrenic protagonist. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate writing wise. I’m just trying to finish a short story and then a chapter of my fantasy novel. It’s more than enough for me.

    • Hey Paper Butterfly,

      It’s fun writing crazy characters; I’ll have to check out Timothy Findley. Does he write thrillers?

      With this ballet story, the mental illness isn’t triggered until her brother’s death. To a sane person, the death was a terrible accident. But to this girl, her sister is to blame, just because 🙂

      It’s been 3 days of NaNo so far, and I’m at a good place so far. I’m experimenting–writing the ending first as a chilling beginning, then starting from the beginning in Chapter 2. To show readers just how unstable Loren is.

      Did you get to finish your short story and chapter?

      Keep smiling,

      • I had to think about it for a bit. I don’t know that Findley writes thrillers. His novel, “Headhunter,” was very suspenseful, more so than his other ones. They are tracking down the bad guys, basically. If you have read, “Heart of Darkness,” by Conrad you’ll get all of the references. It’s been out of print for a while though so I got a cheap copy on eBay.

        Ah okay, it makes sense that she had a psychotic break triggered by her brother’s death. My grandma was a paranoid schizophrenic so I know a bit about insanity.

        Oh, I haven’t even started the next chapter or finished my short story XD I was going back and forth all of yesterday about how I wanted to arrange the snippets. My friend told me just to finish it like it is, and then step back and reorder them if necessary. I’m a very slow writer :$ Like 200-500 words per day, and that takes me a few hours unless I’m super inspired. I wrote a 500 word short story in about an hour and a half I think, but I was very inspired.

        The short story I’m working on currently is about a guy who kills himself, and my friend suggested starting with that. But then I was reading some writing advice that tells you not to start with the climax of your story because then you can’t build up to anything. So I don’t know XD And unfortunately, I won’t be able to be objective about it for months so I’m going to write two versions of it I think and have friends help me pick which one is better. But him killing himself isn’t the ending. It’s a love story, and he meets up with his fiancee in the afterlife. I’ve never written a story like this, so yeah, I don’t know XD Sounds like you are doing something similar? The benefit of starting with him dying is that some of the snippets are fragmented so it makes more sense because he’s dying. My character isn’t crazy or unstable. He’s just filled with so much grief and guilt after his fiancee dies.

    • Hey Paper Butterfly,

      It’s cool that you can write around 500 words a day. Sometimes I’m not motivated to write for a week or two. It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. It sounds like you edit as you go. I agree with your friend–write the scenes that interest you the most, then focus on connecting the dots later.

      Your short story about the character killing himself really sounds interesting. I’m all about drama, and I would love to read that story. Anything that can make me cry is great in my book 🙂 The premise reminds me of Robin William’s movie back in the day (in a good way). If you ever need any extra beta-readers or critique partners, let me know.

      Keep smiling,

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