Book Review: Christmas Shopping By Angel Gelique

A tale of Christmas mayhem…

All Jilly Carson wanted to do was get a little Christmas shopping done with her best friend, Peyton. But when Peyton can’t meet her at the mall, Jilly finds herself feeling anxious and alone as her mother’s cautionary words echo in her head:

“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t put yourself in that position again. You remember what happened last time….”

When a tall blonde-haired stranger begins to stalk her, Jilly does everything she can to avoid him. Feeling scared and vulnerable, she finally decides to leave the mall.

But the blonde-haired man won’t let her flee quite so easily…

You can get this eBook for free (all formats) at

19500385I loved this short story. Jilly and Peyton were best friends. They were supposed to go shopping at the mall, but Peyton was stuck at home babysitting her little sister. A blond guy stalked Jilly in the mall because she wasn’t interested in him. He was persistent trying to win her over because he loved the challenge. Jerk.

My favorite lines: 1) “You okay? You don’t talk much do you?” 2) A simple “hello” turned into a night she would never be able to erase from her mind.

As a reader, you get an eerie sense throughout the book. Something had happened in Jilly’s past, so you wonder what’s wrong with her. Traumatized? Crazy?

The twist at the end was great. I didn’t see it coming.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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