What’s Up With PhotoBucket?

Photobucket.com is a cool site that allows people to upload and edit pictures in a library. I signed up mainly because it’s a free service. Plus, I needed to find a way to link photos to my sidebar on my blog.

The main reason I joined PhotoBucket–to resize images for headers and book cover dimension specifications on different ebook sites.

Yesterday I went through the routine of downloading my new Something’s Amiss ebook cover to my computer, then uploading it to PhotoBucket. I appreciated Sandra Giles’s hard work, but I wanted something that conveys the women’s fiction/romance genre. When I see ‘customer also viewed’ tabs on Amazon, the covers looked nothing like mine. I’m all for being different, but when you’re trying to sell books, sometimes it’s best to fit in.

I edited the photo like I usually do by resizing it, then saved the changes. What the–? I got a notification saying the picture can’t be over like 800 pixels. That’s not even close to ebook specifications on websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I almost panicked, thinking I can’t use book covers anymore unless I buy some expensive software or use the cover creator on the websites.

Load and behold, I don’t give up easily. I went to my dashboard on KDP (Amazon) and hit the basic cover creator option. I downloaded the image after picking one of the templates. It was fairly simple to remove the text the creator supplied. By saving it, the cover looks exactly how I wanted it. Yea, I found an affordable way to use book covers without having to resize. This will be handy in case cover designers don’t send the right measurements.

For all the writers out there, have you found any secrets useful in publishing your ebooks at an affordable cost?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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