Author Throwing Temper Tantrum…Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

Who would have thought this 4-star review would have caused so much drama (you’ll get why I used this word in a moment)? Last time I got grief from an unprofessional author was for a 3-star review. Now, it’s for a 4-star; what’s next,  someone coming after me for a 5-star…

On Goodreads, first I got a “thank you for your kind words”, then it went downhill with the snide comment about my views on happy endings. Now I got a new message: “I can kind of get a sense of what you like (Drama) and I have a feeling that if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll find plenty of what you need in the near future…Stay tuned…I haven’t had a chance yet but I will be getting into your work shortly.”

Like I said to the last bully, thanks for the heads up. Oh and word of advice–for future readers who read your work, try not to respond to perceived negative reviews.

Geez Louise, some authors need to get a grip. Reviews are for readers, not authors. At least I know this is another author I can add to the list of not working with in the future. He’s not the first to threaten me, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. Good thing I have a thick skin.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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