Book Review: NoGo GoGo By Beaird Glover

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

In this messy love story, an unlikely hero chosen by the empress of a bizarre cult and he becomes a new kind of paranormal like the world has ever seen. Throw in some pungent explosions and greenhouse taboo, a deadly new drug and choices made for love or money, and the forces of good will fight it out with evil for the comedic unspeakable and to test the fortitude of everyone.

51ecqyuniSL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_I loved this book. It started off with Justin and Louis, two friends, eating in Tamale Heaven. They meet Betty, the waitress. Once they’re impressed with her fart (it said “freedom”), I knew it would be a funny story. It reminded me of something you’d see on Adult Swim. If you’re a fan of Beavis and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy, then you’ll like this plot. I thought it was cool how the title “NoGo GoGo” revealed the two opposing teams. NoGo is for a constipation pill while GoGo is all for diarrhea.

My favorite lines: 1) “All women are the hottest ones you’ve ever seen, until you see the next one.” 2) “She’s kind of a bitch, I wonder if she would like to give me a spanking.” 3) “But really, I thought I was going crazy when I heard my butt talking. I didn’t know that it was, like, a disease.”

The book wasn’t just about the forbidden booty fruit. It had many colorful characters, all with different agendas. The ones who stood out the most to me, as a reader, were Justin, Louis, Tommy, Lemo, Betty, Lucinda, and Dr. Nancy. It was fun seeing the lengths the guys would go to in order to make money. It was all about lying about research so their pills/medicine could be approved by the FDA.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Book Review: Is This All There Is? By Patricia Mann

***I received a free copy from The Making Connections Group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review***

Beth Thomas has the perfect life. At thirty-five, she’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adorable kids, and teaches part time at the local university. But when a friend persuades Beth to go dancing on a rare night out, a chance meeting with twenty one year old Dave, one of her former students, changes the course of her life. Loud music, too much to drink, and the thrill of feeling young again lead to an unforgettable kiss that was never supposed to happen. As she tries to put the memory behind her, Dave’s pursuit leaves Beth torn between her loyalty to one man and her lust for another.


I loved this book. It was written in Beth’s first person point-of-view. My favorite lines: 1) With every kiss, a rush of emotion followed. Exhilaration. Guilt. Fear. 2) I considered the possibility that Rick wasn’t the enemy. Maybe he had been a convenient scapegoat for my discontent.

Beth was married to Rick. One night she went out with her friend; they ended up at a club. The club scene where Dave, Beth’s former student, admitted his crush was so sweet! From there, they had a flirtatious affair.

I appreciated the realistic situation in the book. Her friend didn’t support Beth’s emotional cheating on Rick. I liked this because it showed the characters were mature and were held accountable for their actions. I really enjoyed the drama.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

How To Survive First Contact With An INTJ

INTJs can seem standoffish, but don’t be afraid when you meet us. I promise we won’t bite. Here’s some tips to understand us better and to gain our respect:

1.  Please be on time. We try very hard to be punctual and expect you to do the same. If you’re late (even if only by five minutes), I know I get annoyed.

2.  INTJs have a strong sense of humor, often sarcastic and/or warped. We will make ourselves and everything else the butt of our jokes, witticisms, and nonsensical remarks. If you’re sensitive or get your feelings hurt easily, we’ll probably make you uncomfortable.

3.  Try not to be repetitive. It bores us to death, and trust me, when I say we’ll let you know that we’re bored. Unfortunately, I don’t have a poker face.

4.  In the privacy of our minds, INTJs often think the unthinkable and expect the unexpected. Don’t be offended if we hardly react to an “impossible” or tragic event.

5.  Please expect debate. We enjoy tearing things/ideas apart to understand them and to prove or disprove their worthiness. So, if an INTJ sees that your idea or suggestion has merit, we’ll pick it apart. The ultimate INTJ insult–ignoring an idea. That means it wasn’t interesting enough to deconstruct.

  • Important note–we’ll gladly argue a point we don’t actually support just for the sake of argument or to probe your viewpoints. INTJs can easily and persuasively assume a point of view we don’t support. Ask if you want to know for sure.

6.  We believe in workable solutions, so we’re very open-minded to every possibility. Due to this, we’ll quickly reject any concept or idea that doesn’t work–that includes our own ideas. When making a point, please be concise and precise. I know I get bored easily, so I need to hear the punchline right away. Please don’t beat around the bush. And, please don’t keep saying the same concept after it’s been proven false. INTJs believe in working forward, not backwards.

7.  For INTJs, truth is more important than being right. I know that I don’t mind admitting my mistakes and explaining why I did them. That’s the only way to learn.

8.  Expect blunt and honest answers. Please don’t ask a question you don’t want the truthful answer to because we don’t plan on hurting your feelings, but probably will. I’m pretty straightforward to a fault LOL. INTJs hate small talk, so if you want to keep the conversation going, ask questions that require more than a one-worded answer.

9.  Don’t expect an INTJ to respect anything you say just because you say it, even if you’re an authority figure. We could care less. I know I want you to cite your sources or give me a good enough reason for a certain rule. I always find a loophole. We bow to one authority–rationality.

10.  The most important tip of all–do not expect INTJs to care very much about how you view them. We already know that many people see us as arrogant and/or weird. I know I’m used to it 🙂

Does anyone have any interesting encounters they’d like to share when dealing with an INTJ for the first time? Or how you realized, yep so and so isn’t normal–those dang on INTJs!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

A Pleasant Surprise Today!!!

Promoting my new release, I’ve been contacting bloggers to see if I  can have a book spotlight, interview, or guest post. Well, today I’m a special guest on two blogs, Writing Women’s Fiction and Library of Erana. I want to thank both for giving me an author interview!

Here’s the links for anyone wanting to check it out:

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Yawatta Hosby

Bill of Frights – Published!

Congrats to Robin making a new for herself in the publishing industry. She’ll always be a Procrastinator to me 🙂

Robin Masnick

Happy April Fool’s Day!  But this is no joke.  It’s exciting times for The League of Eclectic Authors.  Our book, “Bill of Frights”, is published!

The kindle edition was released for sale on March 24th, and the soft-cover, bound edition was released for sale — today!  Here’s the link – you can use the “look inside” feature to see the table of contents and the first two stories:

Bill of Frights Bill of Frights

Bill of Frights – a horror anthology

My contribution, Of Winter’s Curse, is about a woman who belatedly discovers that her family harbors an ancient secret that ultimately threatens the life of her fiance. Will she save him? Or will he fall victim to the countless others who dared love a woman ‘Of Winter’…

Those of us who live locally met with our publisher on March 29th to pick up our author copies – such a wondrous sight – stacks and stacks of OUR…

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Blog Tour–My Writing Process!

I would like to thank the lovely Paige Addams for nominating me. She writes paranormal romance. I’m really excited for her because she’s working on publishing her first book, Tales of Ejoma: Book One! You better believe I’ll be one of the first to buy it 🙂

1.  What am I working on?

Since my mind is always all over the place, I’m constantly working on multiple projects at the same time.

Right now, I received feedback from all my beta-readers on my suspense novella about an obsessed man willing to do anything to get the family he deserves. It was going to be called Trapped: A Novella since it’s based off my short story, but someone pointed out that the title may not fit the story. I’m all for the challenge of coming up with a new title. I’m revising the story, then I’ll find an editor, so this can be my third book published.

Starting tomorrow (April 3rd), my writing buddy and I will be critiquing each other’s novel. My story is still untitled, but it’s about three celebrities caught up in a cheating scandal. It’s women fiction–the main character goes to great lengths to rebuild her career and gain the acceptance of her fans again.

I’m also working on two new short stories that I plan to submit to magazines. I want to start getting into that mindset again. I’ll always remember how wonderful it was to see my short, Room For Two, published in an online literary magazine! So surreal!

2.  How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

As you’ve probably noticed, I write in different genres. I believe my work differs from other authors because I spend the time to really get inside my characters’ heads. I like to focus on their interior monologue a lot, so the readers get a chance to feel how the characters feel. I want readers to experience the journey instead of it feeling like they are just reading about people in a story.

Plus, I like to keep my books short. Nothing has really passed over 60,000 words. I love reading books that are fast paced and gets to the point fast. I can’t really get into books that are too long, focusing on a lot of back story and info dumps. My mind wanders too much. I hope my books satisfies readers like me–the ones who enjoy the story moving at a fast pace.

3.  Why do I write what I do?

I love creating characters and revealing personal relationships between the people in my stories. I love creating scenarios where mind games are being used. I love creating mystery and puzzles for readers to solve. I would go crazy if I wasn’t a writer. I really would. My imagination runs too wild for me not to be able to jot it down on paper.

4.  How does my writing process work?

First, I come up with the story idea, mostly involving plot. Then I create character sketches of people who can make that certain scenario happen. I always write plot outlines, but by the end of the first draft everything drastically changes. The ending always remain the same; it’s just getting from point A to Z changes.

Once I’m confident that I know all my characters (the main and supporting ones), I carry a notebook with me wherever I go and write my rough draft in it. This way when a scene pops into my head, I don’t have to wait until I get home, essentially forgetting some elements.

After everything is written in my notebook (and I mean all the way to ‘The End’), I type my words into a document. If I notice anything wrong, I edit as I go. The main goal for me is to get it on my computer, so I can save it. Then, I print it all off to make my major revisions. I can not edit/revise on the computer. It becomes a daunting task because it’s just one long continuous screen. It feels like the story never ends! On paper, I can see for myself that I’m making good progress.

Once I edit, creating my second draft, I let my writing buddy look over it. After I listen to her feedback, I create my third draft. From there, I ask for beta-readers, at least three or four. After I listen to their feedback (I don’t make any changes until I get my last beta’s opinion), my fourth draft is completed. I hire an editor. While she/he works on that manuscript, I’m usally working on another story idea. Once I hear from my editor, I make the appropriate changes, then publish!

Next Monday (April 7th) please check out Alexandrina Brant and Rebekkah Ford’s post of sharing how their writing process works.

  • Alexandrina Brant @ Miss Alexandrina Born in 1995, Alexandrina Brant grew up around the city of Oxford, and, as such, has a special place for Oxford-based stories in her heart. A converted Catholic, and semi-fluent in a dead language, she is working on her first novel, an alternate-world romance disrupted by time-travel. She studies a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy, with particular interests in perception and emotion, at the University of Reading, England. In her non-existent spare time, she is a Beater and Chaser for the Reading Rocs Quidditch team. Her reading and writing interests vary from classic mysteries to exotic sci-fis.
  • Rebekkah Ford @ Wandering Thoughts of A Writer Rebekkah Ford is an author of a YA paranormal trilogy called Beyond the Eyes. She grew up in a family who dealt with the paranormal. Her parents were the directors of the UFO Investigator’s League in Fairfield, Ohio, back in the 1970’s. They also investigated ghost hauntings and Bigfoot sightings in addition to UFO’s. Growing up in this type of environment and having the passion for writing is what drove Rebekkah at an early age to write stories dealing with the paranormal. She’s fascinated with the paranormal world and love talking and writing about it.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby