Writing a Psychological Thriller

Here’s Maria Savva’s interesting reveal of why she wrote Haunted, a psychological thriller!

Psychological Thrillers

Guest Post by Maria Savva


Image from EWZine

Whenever I write a book or story, I always try to see things from the point of view of my characters. I like to think about every action in the book from the character’s perspective, and imagine how he or she would be feeling, what they would be thinking.

My latest novel, Haunted, is a psychological thriller. The novel is a character study and it’s a very dark book. Nigel, the main character in the novel, is living with the consequences of something he did in a moment of rage. Throughout the novel we see the deterioration of his mind. There are elements of horror, paranormal, and drama, as Nigel tries to come to terms with what happened and he is haunted by the mysterious woman from his past.

Getting into the mind of a murderer is…

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6 thoughts on “Writing a Psychological Thriller

  1. Thanks for sharing, Yawatta! I tend to write fun and at least darkly humorous cosy mysteries, but at times I delve into short psychological horrors, and thus i found this very interesting. Getting into the minds of any characters is tiring, but I daren’t imagine what it’s like to get into the mind of a murderer.

    • Hey Miss Alexandrina,

      I love getting into my characters’ heads as well. When I have to go into a dark place, I make sure to watch a comedy or do something silly afterwards. It probably wouldn’t be good to keep those intense feelings built up LOL.

      I didn’t know you liked to write short psychological horrors. It’d be fun to read some of your shorts.

      Keep smiling,

      • Haha, yeah, that’s true. 😛

        Well, I’ve only really written one of proper quality, but, yeah, I don’t mind sending it to you if you want. I might actually be expanding it in the summer. A small press will be opening a call for anthology submission and I think the story will be a fit, so I’ll be renovating and submitting it.

      • Hey Miss Alexandrina,

        Did you ever send your short story? If so, I never got it through my email.

        Keep smiling,

      • Oh, no, I haven’t yet. I haven’t really had the time to look over it at all, frankly.

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