One By One Received Another 4 Star Review!!!!

After viewing my post asking for book reviews, L.M. Langley was kind enough to offer a review for One By One.  It’s pretty cool getting a glimpse into the readers’ minds. Opinions are so subjective. It’s nice to see if I got my point across or not. Some may love the plot; some may find it boring. Some may love the characters; some may hate them. Some may love my writing style; some may find it amateurish.

Either way, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to leave any opinion on how they felt about One By One. I loved L.M.’s review because it’s very detailed with a character breakdown, the pacing, and storytelling vibe. There’s some spoilers–beware if you click on the link 🙂  One By One By Yawatta Hosby.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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