Book Review: Please Don’t Laugh At My Funeral By Kole McRae

Steve is going to kill himself in 30 days.

Steve Campbell is depressed to the point of suicide. He’s lost his job, the love of his life and soon he’ll be forced out of his own home. With nothing left to lose he decides to set an expiration date on his body, hoping it will force him to seize the day like he’d always been told to do.

Each chapter in this novel is one day in Steve’s life. They follow the antics he pursues in a desperate grab at finding some kind of meaning to his life. He takes all kinds of illegal drugs, hires prostitutes, jumps across train cars, blackmails his old boss and more.

18741464I loved this book. My favorite lines: 1) “Dude,” Frank said. “You’re homeless, you can do anything right now. Absolutely anything, no repercussions.” Frank smiled. 2) Waking up, Steve felt something he hadn’t woken up to in a while: He felt happy. 3) “I like that: no name, no story. Just her. Fuck it, let’s get that watch!” Leroy said. 4) “If you’re breaking up with me, I have to let you know, I didn’t even realize we were dating.”

Meet Steve. He planned to kill himself in 30 days. He met his new roommate, Frank, who brought LeRoy into the mix to try and get Steve out of his funk. Even though Steve was the main character, the author did a fabulous job of creating colorful characters. I ended up caring for everyone and loving their fun adventure. They ended up getting into crazy things and often times the two guys ended up calling Steve “self-centered jerk.” I loved their back and forth. In fact, the dialogue and conversations were the favorite part of the book for me.

Even though Steve was the sad one, he seemed calmer and more mature than Frank and LeRoy. They seemed more reckless, making me believe that there could be a twist of maybe Steve lives but Frank ends up dying. Or maybe even LeRoy.

I hoped that the story would have a happy ending. I was really rooting for Steve to change his mind. Things started to look good–he met a girl named Nat. I jumped out of my seat when readers found out she was the body in the morgue.

Poor Steve. He lost the girl of his dreams. His mom had died, and his brother had committed suicide. One of his friends overdosed. No wonder he was giving up.

If you want to know if Steve lived or followed through with his plan, you’ll have to read to find out.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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