Book Review: Missing Mandy By Shirley S. Simon

Danny arrives in Ankleton to get away from his past life and start anew. But there’s no peace for him here. He is haunted by apparitions, nightmares and strange noises in the basement of his house. And what’s with the smell of oranges? Would be ever be able to solve this mystery?

There is someone locked up in a dark room. The walls and floor are spattered with blood. The torture continues. Will the cry for help be heard by anyone? Will there be a way out of this hell?

17406103I enjoyed this 18 chapter book. Divorced Danny rented a place in the country. Mysterious things kept happening in his new home. Was the place haunted? Readers soon found out that Mandy has been missing.

There was some headhopping and some of the dialogue was kinda clunky…I wish some contractions could’ve been used or something.

I liked the concept that Mandy could reach out to Danny, that he was the only one who could see her. My favorite scenes were: 1) when Mandy first realized that Danny was interacting with her 2) the Howard family causing a ruckus in the town square 3) all the events after Roger, Danny’s best friend, visited

As a reader, I loved trying to figure out the clues to Mandy’s disappearance. Follow the orange smell…I also loved that Danny could feel an eerie presence in his home, especially when objects started moving on their own. It was a nice twist of who had Mandy all along, and also if she was alive or dead. It was a pleasant surprise because I guessed right on one thing but not the other. I need to brush up on my detective skills LOL.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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