Book Review: Princess By Jeff Menapace


It’s prom night. Samantha Kearns has been eagerly awaiting her date’s arrival. Except now her date is running late and Samantha begins to fear he may not show.

Convinced there must be a perfectly good explanation, Samantha’s mother Tammy sends her husband John out to search for their Princess’s prince.

John obeys…for he knows the horror that lies ahead if he fails to find the boy.

A twisted tale that combines the elements of such classics as Psycho and Carrie, “Princess” is a 47 page story that will drag you into a world of madness, depravity, and murder.

17342893I loved this 18 chapter book. It reminded me of old school Alfred Hitchcock with the creepy, demented, psychological warfare storyline. It was definitely a sick twist on how prom night could be!

John and Tammy were Samantha’s parents. The only rule in that household–the princess deserves a prince. I felt very bad for the boy kidnapped, which made the story even more creepy. That family was crazy. Chills went down my spine while reading. I’m a firm believer that the most frightening things in this world are events that can happen in real life. And teens can be kidnapped in mall parking lots in real life. When the boy pleaded to be set free because he missed his mom, I shed a tear.

My favorite line: “A poor performance was acceptable, but refusal to go on. Unacceptable.” I especially enjoyed that the story was written in John’s point-of-view. I liked getting inside the head of the person who could’ve stopped things but was too weak to fight Tammy’s aggressiveness. I loved the ending because readers got a glimpse into the family’s past to see when Tammy’s mental breakdown happened and they got to see what exactly happened to Samantha.

If you’re a fan of reading mind games, then you’ll love this book.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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