What I Learned From NaNo

In May, my goal was to write a 30,000 word suspense novella in 30 days. I was only supposed to write 1,000 words a day. Starting off my journey, I chronicled each day’s experience until I started getting behind with blogging (my computer crashed!!!!). Anyway, I’d like to share what I’ve learned through participating in this fun, but stressful challenge and I’d also like to finish my update on if I had failed or succeeded back in May.

Why, you may ask? Because….in November, I’m officially participating in Nano through the website. I want an award hee hee!!! I even contacted local writers who do NaNo every year. It’ll be fun meeting new people.

What I Learned From NaNo

1.  Lowering the word count will play tricks on you. You’ll think you will have all the time in the world to make word count up, and before you know it, the month is almost over!

2.  It’s hard to stay motivated, focusing on a goal when you’re the only person working on NaNo.

3.  DO NOT start NaNo in the middle of releasing a book! Choose one or the other. As you’ll see, a lot of my zeroes were of me downloading ONE BY ONE to different websites, setting up Goodreads, formatting my book correctly, and finding bloggers for book reviews and author interviews.

4.  Even though you may fail, it’s still good to treat yourself once in a while. On June 1st, I went to New York City with my family. I’ll never regret choosing spending quality time with my cousins and mom the night before our trip instead of writing the ending of my NaNo story.

5.  Don’t start other activities if you’ve already committed to NaNo. In May, I had began tutoring a college student, becoming a beta-reader and critique partner to multiple writers, etc. Maybe I should have waited hee hee…

My May NaNo Update

I decided it’d be better to just list the rest of the days instead of chronicle each day’s activity. Let’s see if I succeeded or failed for TRAPPED: A NOVELLA…

  • The first 11 days
  • Day 12 – May 13th (293 words)
  • Day 13 – May 14th (1,154 words)
  • Day 14 – May 15th (0 words)
  • Day 15 – May 16th (0 words)
  • Day 16 – May 17th (0 words)
  • Day 17 – May 18th (0 words)
  • Day 18 – May 19th (3,016 words)
  • Day 19 – May 20th (504 words)
  • Day 20 – May 21st (0 words)
  • Day 21 – May 22nd (0 words)
  • Day 22 – May 23rd (0 words)
  • Day 23 – May 24th (526 words)
  • Day 24 – May 25th (3,010 words)
  • Day 25 – May 26th (0 words)
  • Day 26 – May 27th (2,822 words)
  • Day 27 – May 28th (2,579 words)
  • Day 28 – May 29th (837 words)
  • Day 29 – May 30th (1,608 words)
  • Day 30 – May 31st (0 words)


SHORT BY 3,821 WORDS (which isn’t that bad considering how many zeroes I had…)

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

4 thoughts on “What I Learned From NaNo

  1. I haven’t had good luck with Nano. I did well the first year (before I was published), but after that, I always found myself in the middle of writing something I didn’t want to put aside in order to start something new. About a year-and-a-half ago, I tried to do Camp Nanowrimo and I was on point with my word count until my dog passed away. I still haven’t finished that book. This year, I swore I wasn’t going to do it, but now I’m feeling a seed of excitement, so who knows? I might just try it. Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.

    • Hey Tricia,

      I’m sorry about your dog passing away.

      This will be my 3rd NaNo challenge. We’re opposites. You like to finish something before starting something new. Whereas, I have to work on multiple stories at the same time, otherwise, I’d get bored. I guess I treat things like new, shiny toys until something shinier comes along.

      Thanks for wishing me luck. I’ll try my best to keep updates through blogging. Good luck if you decide to try NaNo again.

      Keep smiling,

    • Hey Kellie,

      I’ve learned to just go with the flow. Sometimes you need those zero days to take a break because NaNo can get stressful LOL! Thanks for wishing me luck.

      Keep smiling,

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