Want A Special Treat For Halloween? Enter My One By One Free Book Giveaway

I like to scare myself in the month of October. Whenever I tell people that, they look at me like I’m crazy hee hee. Well, here’s your chance to get your hands on a mystery thriller that won’t have you looking at woods, friends, and family the same.

ONE BY ONE Giveaway Contest runs through Oct. 11, 2013-Oct. 30th, 2013. The five winners will be announced on Halloween 🙂 One paperback and four ebooks are up for grabs!

The rules:

1.  Write a comment on this blog post or my Author Page on Facebook, describing the spookiest event that has ever happened to you in real life–this is for a chance to win an ebook.

2.  Write a comment on this blog post or my Author Page on Facebook, describing the spookiest event that has ever happened to you in real life AND revealing the most frightening scene you’ve ever read in a book or watched on TV–this is for a chance to win a paperback.

Plain and simple, right? I’ll randomly draw names to get my winners. Whoever participates, good luck! And make sure to check back here on Halloween (Oct. 31) to see if you were one of the lucky winners selected!


Alone in the woods, thirty miles from civilization with no cell phone reception, the weekend turns into a deadly game when a killer hunts Rae and her friends. They struggle to stay alive and discover the truth.

Is someone stalking them, or is there a killer among the group?

Reminiscent of “Harper’s Island,” ONE BY ONE is a disturbing mystery thriller where a group of friends let paranoia get the best of them. With suspense and betrayal, it’ll also remind readers of “Scream.” Someone never intended for them to leave the cabin and will follow through with the plan by any means necessary.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


4 thoughts on “Want A Special Treat For Halloween? Enter My One By One Free Book Giveaway

  1. I don’t have any scary ‘ghostie’ type moments. I’m far too cynical for that. My biggest scares are from real-life events and the news! As for a scary scene from a movie or book? When I was a teenager, I read The Shining, and the scene where the hedge animals come to life really freaked me out. I just reread the book a couple months ago in anticipation of Doctor Sleep. Sadly, thanks to my cynicism and pragmatism, I was no longer scared. But it was still a great read as is Doctor Sleep, which I’m working my way through now. 🙂

    • Hey Carrie,

      Yeah, real life event and news are definitely terrifying. I don’t even like reading or watching the news because it’s so depressing, and I work for a newspaper!

      I have to read “The Shining” one day. The movie is one of my top favorites.

      Thanks for you entry. Good luck!

      Keep smiling,

  2. I’m same as Carrie: I’ve not really had any scary scary events happening to me. When I was younger, however, I saw something, which I have always believed was my guardian angel, even now, when my adult mind reminds me of all the ways it could not have been her.

    A group of friends and I were in my bedroom having a sleepover. The room was pitch black and only two of us were awake. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something – even now all I can say is that it looked like a tiny, lid-sized ball of light – in mid-air with no possible light-source. In another second, it had vanished as quickly.

    I turned to my friend – she had seen nothing. She could easily have just missed what could easily have been light glowing from a reasonable source, but, in my heart of heart, I know I’ve always thought different.

    Anyway, that’s my story. I think October is a great month for scaring one’s self, Hallowe’en or not. It’s getting darker earlier here now, so the theme of horror and mystery is appropriate. 🙂

  3. Hey Miss Alexandrina,

    I believe you. It’s cool how reality can be stranger than fiction sometimes. A while back, I talked about seeing a ghost in the mirror when I was a kid. Well, my dad told me that the day his aunt died, he had seen her ghost outside. She had said goodbye. I believe in ghosts and spirits.

    You’re right. October is the perfect month for darker material.

    Thanks for your entry. Good luck!

    Keep smiling,

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