Book Review: The Wastewater Plant By Dodge Winston

When I read the description of this book in the Announcements on Absolute Write Forums, it intrigued me because it sounded like another story I had read. Characters getting stalked by an evil force will never get old for me hee hee, so I decided to give this book a chance. The Wastewater Plant is #27 of my reading challenge. Here’s my thoughts:

Scott’s determined to make it through a record shattering storm for his first day at the wastewater plant. What he thinks his new career will entail and what he finds are polar opposites – an outdated plant full of half-broke equipment and a motley crew of plant operators who can barely tolerate one another. As personal politics explode during the worst storm in centuries, an ancient evil awakens. It’s hungry. It’s intelligent. And it’s focused on the wastewater plant. Will the band of roughnecks wise up enough to work together and survive? Will there be any help from the outside world or will the creature have its way, transforming the plant and the staff’s reality into a cold nightmare? Find out in Dodge Winston’s pulse-pounding, deeply disturbing book, THE WASTEWATER PLANT!

17713942I loved this 34 chapter book. It was cool seeing how Stacks and Agent Stewart set everything up and didn’t care who died as long as they got their research and statistics. It was pretty shady the way they sacrificed those workers (in a good way). My favorite part was the fact that the people at the wastewater plant didn’t have a clue what was going on. That made the events creepy for me as a reader, and it felt like I was in on a secret.

My favorite lines: 1) Fear based habits were hard to break. 2) In Scott’s mind, Jed looked like an unkempt serial killer. The vibe fit. 3) Wastewater is the dirty secret of society. 4) I’m trained as a scientist to be objective and observe things. This was not a daydream. More like a fucking nightmare.

The opening scene was pretty cool. A homeless guy was on the verge of killing himself at the marsh, but a gooey thing killed him instead. The author was great with dialogue and characterization. I loved the group’s dynamic, especially all the teasing.  The group picked on the new employee, Scott. There were also some crazy workers–Jed brought a gun to work. All the characters were very memorable, so as a reader, I cared about them. Since Scott was one of the first character’s introduced, I sort of bonded with him. He ended up being one of my favorite people in the book; I wish there would have been a scene of what happened to Scott instead of hearing about it through another character’s dialogue.

For me, I had chills down my spine because I get scared easily. I kept looking over my shoulders while reading. If you love horror and thrillers with a touch of humor, then I think you’ll enjoy this story.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the book or author:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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