Aymaran Shadow – A Book And Its Origins

I’d really like to thank Yawatta for hosting me and allowing me to share my journey as the author of Aymaran Shadow, a paranormal thriller that is now available at leading online retailers.

Writing, they say, is a lonely art. But, writers do have an advantage over other creatives – they can get under the skin of their characters and into their heads at will. Thus it was that I got hooked onto a craft that can grip, engage, compel, frustrate, leave breathless, and bestow insomnia.

My journey as a fiction novelist began, most unconventionally, as a biographer – as a writer of non-fiction! The tipping point for me was when a columnist of a mainstream publication reviewed my published biography of a business house and commented, in a rather caustic way, that my writing was too “creative” for non-fiction and that I should tone down my fictionalization of events! In retrospect, I’m glad that happened. Read more about my journey from being a corporate strategist to becoming full-time author.

There was something burning within me when I decided to write Aymaran Shadow. I wanted to tell a story that was not born in history or facts (remember, I had written only biographies until then) but in my imagination. I wanted to tell a story about the paranormal and the psychological. Read the story behind the story to catch what happened behind the scenes.

Finally, Aymaran Shadow was born. The ebook was released last month in an online launch event and opened to riveting reviews from critics and readers alike. The ebook is currently available for purchase at Amazon (4.6-star rating) and Smashwords (5-star rating).

Aymaran Shadow - front cover

Aymaran Shadow

I would like to end this post by saying this: I love my readers and fellow authors. And I can never spend too much time with them. So, if you need to get in touch and shoot the breeze about the book, about yourself, about anything at all, I’m just an email away, at: hemanthg1975 AT gmail DOT com. I’m also pretty active on my book’s official blog. Happy reading!

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