Six Degrees of Separation

Yesterday, I met my writer’s group. We were pretty productive; I’m proud of us 🙂 We came up with future goals as a group as well as individually. That’s why I love The Procrastinators. We motivate each other without adding too much pressure. We’d really like to connect with local writers. Different groups meet at different times and have their own members and set of goals and rules, so it’s hard to meet people. But there should be a way to stay connected. We created The Procrastinators Writing Group page on Facebook if anyone would be interested in liking our page and keeping in touch. Our plan is to share news about writing events, contests, writing tips, etc. that we come across. Hopefully, our page will be informative as well as sharing our personal experiences in the publishing industry.

It’d be cool to hear of local book signings. I want some autographed books gosh darn it hee hee. I have two, which is better than zero. One author from Pennsylvania, the other from North Dakota. The beauty of  the U.S. Postal Service. You never know who you may come across. You never know who’s career will skyrocket. I’d like to be able to say, “I knew him/her when he/she was first starting out…” So cool!

Cool facts I learned during my meeting:

  • Freaking Nora Roberts lives close by!!! For some reason, I assumed she lived in North or South Carolina. How awesome that she’s less than 12 miles away!!! Don’t worry–I’m not a stalker hee hee.
  • My writing buddy, Pam, met J.A. Konrath when he was first starting out at the Borders Bookstore in Michigan. How awesome!!! He managed to have a decent presence in trade publishing before he decided to become a self-publisher. I bet almost anyone contemplating on self-publishing or not has heard of him. That’s pretty cool that she met him before he became so popular.

Isn’t it interesting how six degrees of separation works out? For any writers out there, how do you stay connected with other local writers? Have you even tried or do you think it’s a lost cause?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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