Book Review: Haunted House By Jack Kilborn

**HAUNTED HOUSE is a stand alone horror novel, and can be enjoyed without having read any other J.A. Konrath or Jack Kilborn book. But it features characters from five other Konrath/Kilborn novels: ORIGIN, THE LIST, AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE.**


It was an experiment in fear.

Eight people, each chosen because they lived through a terrifying experience. Survivors. They don’t scare easily. They know how to fight back.


Each is paid a million dollars to spend one night in a house. The old Butler House, where those grisly murders occurred so many years ago. A house that is supposedly haunted.


They can take whatever they want with them. Religious items. Survival gear. Weapons. All they need to do is last the night.

But there is something evil in this house. Something very evil, and very real. And when the dying starts, it comes with horrifying violence and brutal finality.

There are much scarier things than ghosts.

Things that will kill you slowly and delight in your screams.

Things that won’t let you get out alive.


People are dying to leave

Jack Kilborn, author of AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE, brings back some favorite characters from those earlier novels and puts them through his own unique brand of hell. One that hurts real bad. One that will scare you to death.

Are you brave enough?


I enjoyed this book; each scene was labelled with a character’s name and location instead of different chapters. My favorite lines: 1) “Fear of the unexpected. Also known as dread.” 2) “I work for a newspaper. We newsies know all the lowlifes.” 3) “Depending on your past, one man’s paranoia was another man’s common sense.” 4) Funny how she routinely contemplated suicide, yet now that her life might actually be threatened she wanted the gun for protection.

I loved the flow of the author’s writing style–the pacing of the sentences moved smoothly. I’m a huge fan of the fast paced, action packed, short clipped sentences. I was confused why some character’s dialogue was all italics while some weren’t. But the author did a great job of characterization; it was easy for me to keep track of everyone involved in the story. This was the first novel I’ve read of Jack Kilborn, and I would try another.

I was expecting the story to start off at the Butler House, but that didn’t happen until way later in the book. I wasn’t expecting it to take that long to get to the juicy, scary parts but it wasn’t the end of the world that I had to wait. The characters’ interactions with each other (strangers meeting for the first time) was interesting.

Once the hauntings started happening, chills ran down my spine. The descriptions of the ghosts and the way they tortured people were very vivid. I could picture it in my head like a movie. However, there’s a twist. Is the place even really haunted? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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