Book Review: Killer Rumors By Antonello Fiore

***I received a free copy from the Making Connections group on Goodreads for a book review***

Father D’Angelo and Bakeman, two devoted priests were brutally murdered while going on one of their nightly walks. Detective Frank Rinelli is called to the case- not only due to his close friendship with the priests, but with his expertise of tracking psychotic killers. Rinelli suddenly discovers these murders were based on a scandal that occurred several years ago at the same Church where the two murdered priests preached. And it doesn’t stop there. The list of people being murdered in connection with the scandal continues to grow until the killer has his ultimate vengeance- and the truth released.

51grPI1tzoL._SY300_I enjoyed this 99 chapter book. Readers immediately knew that Tom hated Father D’ Angelo and Father Bakeman because he felt that they set him up. So there wasn’t any mystery of who killed them. However, the juicy mystery was: is Tom telling the truth? Did they set him up to take the fall (he was charged of sexually abusing kids)? I loved how suspenseful the novel was; it was fun getting inside Tom and The Solution’s heads. The Solution was a hit man hired by Tom. There’s a shocking twist of how they know each other.

I also liked the dynamic of the cop partners, Frank and Nick. They were emotionally invested with the case since they had grew up going to that church and thought of Father D’ Angelo and Father Bakeman as role models. The story was written in Frank’s (one of the police officers) first person point-of-view while the other characters shared their third person point-of-view accounts.

I wished that the author would have let the story speak for itself. He had some really cool scenes in the book, but at times, the constant explaining of everything before it happened slowed the action down.

My favorite lines: 1) “I know, Nick. The question is why would she be hiding something that could lead us to the murderer?” 2) “Thinking is a dangerous tool.” 3) “I’m not sure if spirits exist or if they can talk. But if they can, now would be the perfect time to experience it.” 4) “Whoever did this must have been covered from all over. I checked the victim’s bodies from head to toe and even in their mouths–nothing. It’s as if a ghost killed them.”

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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