Book Review: Snapped by C.J. Johnson

Aaron thinks of himself as a decent man, worthy of love.

Just ask his ex-girlfriends, his stalking, jealousy and obsessiveness aside, he’s a sweet man.

The knife in his hand is smeared with the blood of his betrayers and in a rage he sets off on a mission. A mission to make the first woman, his first real love, pay, pay for what she did to him back then, and pay for what she made him do now.

Will the police reach her before he does?

 ????????????????????????????????????????I loved this 16 chapter book. Aaron was a sick and twisted dude, and he had me at the edge of my seat the entire read. The opening was pretty intense–Aaron and his girlfriend are lovey-dovey in the kitchen, then without warning he stabs her with a knife! Also, with the prologue, a man (later find out it’s Aaron) run a couple over with his car while they are holding hands and minding their own business.

The whole time I was thinking: a valuable lesson–don’t cheat because you don’t know if your significant other is crazy or has a trigger that will make him/her snap. Turned out the violence was all over a misunderstanding! That was the chilling part of it all. I think the author did a fine job of portraying Aaron as very creepy. I always say that the scariest stories are the ones where experiences can  happen in real life. The story was disturbing, and I loved every second of it (I don’t know what that says about me LOL). I could easily picture this as a movie on the Chiller channel.

I wished that the prologue and part of chapter 9 didn’t repeat itself word for word. It slowed down the action for me at that point because I had already remembered that scene from the beginning. Other than that, it’s a pretty good read.

My favorite lines: 1) I haven’t spoken to Kelly in years, yet I know all about her. The power of the Internet. 2) No matter how today ended, whether he lived or died in his mission of revenge, at least he had saved one man from going through his pain. 3) He looked into his mirror as he sped away and smiled as both kids flopped on the road like rag dolls thrown from a speeding car window. 4) “Hey, shut up. What’re you trying to do, wake the dead?”–this was particularly witty because Aaron’s best friend was tied up to his dead, bloody girlfriend as he said this

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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