Myths About Being a Published Writer: Part 1

Ruth Ann Nordin goes over more self-publishing myths. Very insightful.

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Today I thought I’d go over some common misconceptions about what it’s like being a published writer.  This is part of a “I wish I knew this when I was starting out” post.  Hopefully, what I had to learn the hard way will be something others can learn the easy way.  I’ll start off with part 1 and add more to it as I think of more to add.  😀

Myth: Once I make it big, I’ll be on easy street.

Fact: The truth is, sales fall and your next book might not be as big of a seller as the one that just made it big.

There’s no telling which book will sell better than another.  I’ve written books I thought were going to be popular because I received emails requesting them (seemed to have a big demand so they had great potential to be good sellers), but in…

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