Day 8 (Hosby Heroine)

MAY 9TH – 1,264 WORDS

In an attempt to catch up with my word count, my plan was to write more than 1,000 words a day. I’m happy that I was successful today. I reached the end of Chapter 3–the end of Miki and Finia’s life before Jahlin’s born. It was fun showing their relationship strained, but trying to make it work. Now, I can’t wait to start the aftermath of Jahlin’s presence.

My friend said that I create “Hosby Heroines.” I love the term; it refers to the fact that my female characters are usually pushing the guys away while he’s trying to pursue her. Finia is definitely a “Hosby Heroine,” but she has a valid reason. How would you feel if a guy you were dating trapped you for the next 18 years? I hope what Miki did is believable…when people read my short story, no one pointed out that the situation is far-fetched, so I’ll just roll with it.

After helping the college student, I came home and went straight to work. I typed until bedtime with no distractions. Even though I had printed off various thriller, mystery thriller, and suspense book blurbs earlier today, I focused on NaNo. I planned to study them later. Good news: someone offered to review One By One when it’s released. I’ll be happy when all versions of the book are published, so I can concentrate on promotion and marketing. Plus, it’ll free up my time to work on my other stories.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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