Book Review: Get Clean By Jams N. Roses

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

‘We’re creatures of habit, us humans, some of us more than others.’

An addict, a psychopath, a drug dealer and his girlfriend.

This is a humorous crime story full of addiction, wrong decisions and terrible friends. Before we can pick ourselves up, we must sometimes hit rock bottom.

Cocaine is everywhere; young men and women are sniffing ‘recreational drugs’ as often as sparking cigarettes or sipping beer, typical of a generation educated by music videos and tabloid newspapers.

Jimmy Walker, a smart, young man with a caring family around him, should have the world at his feet. If only he wasn’t addicted to cocaine. Aware of his ‘casual addiction’, as he calls it, he decides a change of scenery would be a good thing…

But Jimmy finds himself amongst more cocaine, crime, liars, psychopaths, random violence than ever before, and even murder, whilst doing numerous drug deals and increasingly more cocaine.

All the time his body and mind are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Will he continue to get high, or will he Get Clean?

Loosely based on true events.

Adult content.

41QsxTuZm4L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_I loved this 26 chapter book. It was written in Jimmy’s first person point-of-view. He went to rehab after being depressed and had an overdose. Once he got out, he planned to spend time in Spain to try and get clean, to get new scenery. His girlfriend, Colleen, had dumped him for someone else, so his friends teased that he was escaping his heartache.

He meets Jason in Spain. The job they applied for sucks, so they quit and become friends. Jimmy ends up staying with Jason and Sarah, his landlady. I thought it was cute how they both had a crush on her even though her boyfriend was a dangerous drug dealer. The whole time I kept thinking this won’t end well for one, maybe both, of them.

My favorite lines: 1) Remember I said that Jason would make a good salesman? Well, maybe if he actually gave a shit. 2) I didn’t think that any respectable newspaper would print a story using phrases such as ‘beats down,’ ‘bit on the side,’ or ‘English dude,’ but I got his point.

As a reader, I wished that quotation marks wouldn’t have been around Jimmy’s thoughts. Sometimes I had to go back to figure out he was just thinking something instead of speaking. There was some headhopping, but nothing distracting from the interesting story. Even though they’d be considered ‘losers’ in real life, all the characters were interesting and entertaining. They had a somewhat endearing quality, causing me to root for them to get their acts together.

The author did a fantastic job with dialogue. I loved all the conversations–all the plotting and schemes. I laughed a lot from the sarcastic humor. At times, I couldn’t tell if Jimmy was sarcastic or if he was just stating facts in a naive, innocent way. Either way, his observations were funny.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author and book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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