Book Review: Triceratops By Marcus Gorman

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

A story of musicians, writers, painters, and alcoholics.

Set in New York City, Henry & Charlotte — two twentysomethings who never thought they’d see each other again — reunite for three short weeks filled with art, music, and liquor that cause them to rethink their relationships, their pasts, and their futures. Told from both Henry and Charlotte’s perspectives, Triceratops speaks to a generation of readers raised on nostalgia, sitcoms, antidepressants, and iPods.

16112760I loved this 8 part, no chapter book. I loved the author’s writing style, and I thought he was very talented with characterization and voice. Since he was very descriptive, I could picture this as an IFC or Sundance movie. But on the other hand, Henry and Charlotte (plus the other characters) were quirky, cool, witty that I could also picture the story as a Judd Apatow movie.

  • It was pretty intense when Xavier killed himself in front of Charlotte. She has to find a place to stay, and runs into Henry. They had hooked up once on the west coast. Henry had a crush on Sophia, and Noah had a crush on Charlotte. As a reader, I really enjoyed all the scenes where Henry and Charlotte hung out. I liked that she was very sarcastic, keeping him on his toes while he was the sensitive guy type. As a reader, I was really invested in their friendship, even hoping they may get back together again.

My favorite lines: 1) “There’s no honor in being a cockblock.” 2) “We need the what-the-fuck factor. Its power knows no bounds.” 3) “Confusion is a powerful weapon.” 4)  With Xavier, we can be silent for days and not have it be some kind of relationship red flag. Because it’s not a relationship. We hang out, we fuck a lot, I stay over but don’t live here, and neither one of us says anything about our goddamn feelings.

It was cool that Charlotte had complete knowledge of sitcoms. I enjoyed the references of taking it old school. As you can probably tell, she was my favorite. The story was told through Henry and Charlotte’s first person point-of-view. My favorite scenes: 1) when Noah confesses his feelings to Charlotte 2) when Henry and Charlotte first meet in New York 3) the stealing-the-painting heist 4) finding out Shelby and her boyfriend’s secret 5) the ending 6) all the scenes with the older female neighbor who loved Xavier but could care less about Charlotte.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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