Book Review: Syd & Marcy By Beaird Glover

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Marcy practices to be a great actor, but she isn’t pretending to kill people. Is the murder an audition for Hollywood, or is it reality? When a ruthless detective is pitted against two self-centered scammers on the lam, it’s hard to tell whose side to be on. A femme fatale and her boyfriend are too wild to trust, but they just don’t know any better. According to the Old South, they must be punished. The frenetic ride takes off that is not only Syd and Marcy’s escape from Memphis to the backwoods of Mississippi—it’s also a darkly comedic escape to Southern Gen X nihilism in a black Mustang on a dark road getting darker. Featuring a conflict between the Old South and the New, and written in a facile and succinct prose, Syd and Marcy spirals frankly through the realities and illusions of a culture on the rails.

17314768I enjoyed this 20 chapter book. My favorite lines: 1) “You ever heard about the wrong place at the wrong time? That’s where you at.” 2) Her Hollywood smile did not fade and she giggled with appreciative modesty that passed as flirtatious approval.

The opening was pretty intense with Marcy killing the guy behind the counter. From there, I knew it’d be a wild ride. When they arrive in Mississippi, the story really got interesting. There were plenty of colorful personalities, a.k.a. batshit crazies. Syd’s uncle had married his own daughter Sardis and kept her chained in the shack. Litton and Blaine were three-dimensional. Just because they work for the law doesn’t necessarily make them the good guys. I enjoyed the twist of the private eye became obsessed with catching Syd and Marcy while the sheriff could care less that the couple may or may not have murdered someone in his town.

My favorite scenes: 1) when Sardis gets loose and runs away 2) when the private investigator handcuffs Syd and Marcy in the back of the car to return them to Mississippi 3) when Marcy escapes her home in Tennessee 4) the bank scene

It was a very fast read, and I was entertained all the way to the end. Do they live their dreams and make it to Hollywood? You’ll have to read to find out.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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