Book Review: Unprotected Sax By Tony and Charles McFadden

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Playing sax in his friend’s jazz band was supposed to be relaxing.

Then his friend disappeared.

Johnny Delacourte, (aka JD, Johnny D, The Sax Machine and a few choice others) left the Army Rangers and the battlefields of Afghanistan six months ago. He reconnected with friends in Miami, dusted off his saxophone and started learning how to relax again. With his best friend on drums and a delightful vocalist in front of him, life was settling into a comfortable pattern.

Then the friend disappears, the cops don’t seem to care and the Russian mob is all over his ass.

Miami was always hot in August. It just got hotter.


I loved this 36 chapter book. Even though it was very suspenseful, I was laughing due to the sarcastic wit. Sarcasm is my favorite type of humor. My favorite lines: 1) ‘You were fucking turned. I will forgive anything else. Talking to the cops, that is a death sentence.’ 2) Stan smiled. Manipulation was easy. And fun.

The drummer, Paul, witnessed a murder in the Everglades. Throughout the story, the big mystery was: Where’s Paul? He disappeared one night after a performance. His bandmates worried about him. It was interesting that the readers didn’t find out until later, heightening the suspense. I was really worried about Paul.

  • It was cool that his bandmates went searching for him. They didn’t give up until they found answers; that showed how close everyone was. They had a true friendship instead of just being coworkers. Even the bad guys were looking for Paul to try and kill him so he couldn’t testify. There was a cool twist–a shady cop playing both sides.

The authors had a brilliant talent with dialogue. Most of the scenes were dialogue-heavy, my favorite type of scenes. The back and forth teasing between friends was interesting to read. Plus, I loved the interactions within the bad guys’ circle, especially when they dealt with the bandmates. All the conversations were entertaining, bringing humor, doubt, worry, sadness. The pacing of the story was also great. Everything flowed smoothly and moved the plot forward. No boring parts.

Paul, Stephanie, and Johnny were my favorites. They were cool heroes being able to defend themselves the way they did. My favorite scenes involved Paul in the trailer park (especially interacting with the owner), the events at the boathouse, and anytime Johnny got the best of the bad guys.

I RECOMMEND  this book to read.

For more information on Tony McFadden or the book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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