My First Rejecton

I got a response on one of my short story submissions. Unfortunately, Room For Two received a rejection. However, I’m looking on the bright side. The editor at Switchback ended the letter with “we hope you will submit again in the future.” I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m definitely going to see what their future themes on editions will be. If any themes are up my alley, then I’ll create another story for this publication to submit again.

I respect Switchback because they responded in a timely manner: 23 days. In fact, they were the last market on my submissions tracker. The last one was the fastest responder. Other magazines I’m still waiting–some are in 40 day range, some past 70 day range. On May 1st, Switchback’s issue will be based on the “broken” theme. I love dramas, so I already plan on checking out the website on that day. If you enjoy good fiction, then you should check it out too.

Room For Two is already submitted to a new market. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


7 thoughts on “My First Rejecton

  1. This just puts you in the same club with ALL of your favorite writers. You’re going to become a better writer from experiencing this simply because you’ve accepted it with such grace.

    • Thanks Darla,
      I think of Stephen King, James Patterson, etc. who all received numerous rejections before someone took a chance on them. That’s how I stay grounded 🙂

      If “Room For Two” gets rejected at this new market, then I’ll submit it to Efiction magazine. With them, you’re guaranteed feedback if it gets rejected. I’ve been reading writer’s stories on ‘short fiction’ and ‘rejection and dejection’ on this website, and some people have had their short stories rejected about 25 times before it’s picked up anywhere. They say it only takes one to say ‘yes’ and that’s the only one that matters.

      Keep smiling,

      • FYI, I mention you and link to this blog post in my latest post about writers and rejection. It should be up on Monday morning. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Darla for the shout-out. I’ll read your post 🙂

      Keep smiling,

      P.S. By the end of this month, I’ll be sending out 2 more stories. Still no word from the other markets so far.

  2. I found this post because I just received a rejection for a short story I submitted. And I’m disappointed, of course, but I’m also trying to keep it in perspective! Your post definitely helped! 🙂 Keep writing, and good luck!

    • Hey Teji,
      Thanks for stopping by! First rejections definitely sting a little bit, but it only takes for one market to say “yes.” Good luck with finding your short story a home 🙂

      Keep smiling,

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