Book Review: Dark Spirits By Rebekkah Ford

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Now immortal, Paige is emotionally and physically stronger than ever. She must find the location of the ancient incantations to prevent mass genocide. But the war against good and evil is spawning another war–a battle between the dark spirits themselves. Paige is saddled in the center of both growing revolutions and is ready to take on the dark forces. But Nathan’s overprotectiveness prevents her from taking action, and he’s hiding things.

Paige’s personal life gets more complicated when Brayden arrives back in town and offers the equal partnership she desperately craves from Nathan. Then there’s Carrie and Tree, her two best friends and only family she has left. Unfortunate circumstances thrust them into Paige’s dark world, giving her no choice but to allow Nathan to arm them with combat techniques in hope they’ll be able to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Paige is having visions and discovering abilities she was unaware of. When Anwar comes to visit, his weird behavior alarms her. Could he be turning to the dark side?

Time is running out. Paige not only needs to find the incantations but also to untangle the bands around her heart and make a decision that could leave her with a life worse than death–a life of betrayal from the ones she trusted most.

17359526I loved this 30 chapter book. It was told through Paige’s first person point-of-view as well as Nathan’s first person point-of-view. They rotated chapters. I liked that the same characters from the first novel in the series were included in this one too. The author had a brilliant talent with characterization. Everyone, including the supporting characters, had an important role in the novel, and they weren’t one dimensional. The villains had some positive, interesting qualities while some of the heroes had some don’t-mess-with-me-or-you’ll-wish-you-were-dead qualities. It was very cool that even though Brayden, Nathan, Carrie, and Tree were on the same page of keeping Paige safe, they butted heads because of the conflicting reasons. Even the villains (especially Aosoth) wanted the same goal, but couldn’t work together.

I like Paige and Nathan together, but there’s something about Brayden (her ex) that I can’t help keep rooting for. Maybe it’s because in love triangles, I always pick the underdog to win. My favorite scenes included Nathan and Brayden’s fights and arguments. I love tension and drama.

My favorite lines: 1) I didn’t spend my whole summer training with Anwar and him on a deserted island in the Baltic Sea to stand here and do nothing. 2) I hated all this: the mystery of myself. 3) “You know what scares me?” Nathan asked, breaking the brief silence. I looked up to a sad smile on his face. “You think I’m a monster.” 4) What in the hell did he mean by that? My mind searched for an answer to that question, and when two correlating things popped into my head (the Ouija board she played with when she was dating Matt who was really the “old one” and the salt in front of the door), I gasped.

Some questions raised in the first book was answered in Dark Spirits. I liked knowing who was responsible for killing Paige’s family, the side effects for a dark spirit possessing Carrie’s body for a little while, and Anwar’s motives. There were many twists and turns throughout the story that kept it interesting, a page-turner for me. It seemed like everyone, except Carrie and Tree, were being manipulative and calculating to end Paige and Nathan’s relationship. Can they make it? You’ll have to read to find out.

Rebekkah Ford was also great with setting. She described things in a way that I could see, hear, smell, and touch everything in the novel, especially when she mentioned the outdoors. Her imagery was beautiful without being purple prose.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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