Book Review: These Unquiet Bones By Dean Harrison

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Dean Harrison’s “These Unquiet Bones” takes the reader on a unique and well-crafted roller coaster ride of horror and suspense. You won’t be able to put this one down until you’ve finished it. His characters are as creepy as any I have read in a long time. Keep your eye on this writer; this book is unforgettable.–T.M. Wright

Trying to get behind the truth of her mother’s death, Amy Snow unleashes the skeletons lurking in the dark of her father’s closet, and learns a terrible, twisted truth about her family tree. Meanwhile, a man named Adam is on a mission to restore Paradise to its former glory. To accomplish this, he must find “The Lost One”, a girl he calls Eve, and sacrifice her to the god she betrayed the day a talking serpent slithered into the Garden of Eden.


I loved this 97 chapter book. It was raw and edgy, touching taboo subjects such as incest, religious cults, psychological disorders, and rape of young girls. I remember once reading in Stephen King’s “On Writing” book that an author shouldn’t write in fear. Dean Harrison definitely didn’t write in fear, which made me cringe whenever the villains appeared. That’s a sign of good storytelling–when you can get an intense reaction from your readers.

My favorite lines: 1) Who brought a gun to a knife fight? 2) Sometimes even the best kept secrets came out of the dark–sometimes with a vengeance.

I loved the mystery aspect of it all. Amy couldn’t remember the guy who killed her mom, like it was a repressed memory. She was on an anti-depressant ever since the tragedy. I had about three suspects, and I’m proud to say that I guessed right the first time. Her father thought he knew who the serial killer was, but the cops were hesitant to believe him since he was a suspect himself. Should they follow their instinct? You’ll have to read to find out.

  • Adam (of course, not his real name–he’s going by Adam because apparently Eve was evil) was the killer, thinking God was telling him to commit the brutal crimes.

Chills ran down my spine a lot while I read this story. Ghosts, who tried to warn Amy, were also featured. After reading about Amy’s childhood and her family dynamics, it boggled my mind how insane people can be. Spooky and absolutely creepy.

My favorite scenes: 1) when Amy confronted her dad about his past 2) when Layne had a crush on Amy, but showed his true colors 3) when the killer kidnapped Amy and her best friend in front of the school 4) when Layne woke up after confronting a jerk who harassed Amy at a party

The only thing I wish: a lot of filter verbs (hear, saw, felt, etc.) were used. I could have gotten really lost in the story if those words were eliminated.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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