Book Review: The Story Of Rachel By K.D. McLean

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Rachel Collins is praying. And not for world peace. Thirty six years old and single, her prayer is self-centered. “Kill me now, Lord,” she pleads during her latest attempt to meet Mr. Right via the internet.

She’s not hoping for a billionaire or even a millionaire, just a guy who can strike a spark to her tinder! Is she asking too much? She’s a great gal! Just ask her parents! She might be a bit naive about some things, but capable enough- she’s a correspondent for a major magazine, after all. So there!

On assignment she meets Michael, 42 years old, also a writer. The attraction is immediate and intense. Rachel, who sees vanilla as only a baking ingredient, enchants him. Michael can whip up some pretty hot delights himself, outside of the kitchen. He introduces a curious Rachel to powerful experiences of sensuality. Her Ladylike sense of propriety engages in a running battle with her now sparked Tinderbox desires.

Michael is an excellent cook and knows how to turn up the heat. Sampling the flavors offered, Rachel experiences humorous hiccups. On a date, Michael ramps up the risqué, resulting in a memorable skirt swirling salsa dance. Rachel’s “What the hell, I ain’t getting any younger” attitude spurs Michael to take her to the exclusive, adults only club Pandora’s. Here, Rachel witnesses even more variations of earthly delights, and begins a lifelong friendship with another guest.

Michael is a realist, convinced that within 90 days, his affair with Rachel will be but another painful memory of loss. He is neither willing nor able to yell ‘Geronimo’ and fall for her. He can’t, and that’s that.

Maybe he should just get a damn dog.

This modern, urban, grown up love story is a recipe –three cups romance and one cup of slapdash humor. Blend in spices of eroticism, and beat until smooth.

17255718I liked this 22 chapter book even though what I expected and what I read were totally different. I was expecting erotica, but Rachel and Michael didn’t hook up until Chapter 6 and there weren’t many sex scenes. I’ve read more sensual details in romance novels.

  • However, I liked the story for what it was. It had a good sense of humor. Rachel was on Plenty of Fish and kept getting duds for dates. As a reporter, she had an assignment to go to an erotic art exhibit where she met Michael (a freelance writer). I enjoyed their back and forth; the sexual tension was pretty hot. My favorite scene OPEN THE DAMN DOOR had me rolling.

My favorite lines: 1) She liked the word ‘craved’; it almost sounded dirty. 2) His face grew dark. In an instant, joy was replaced by stone. 3) “I really don’t get this at all. I think you’re just making it harder on both of us, for no good reason.”

I loved the conflict throughout the story. They finally made love (instead of D/s), then he acted like a jerk, avoiding her at all costs. Rachel was not amused. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Michael met her friend at the bar–he was pretty rude, and when Michael visited Rachel’s parents.

There was excessive headhopping, so there was no chance to feel what the characters experienced. Or to get a chance to really care for them. Plus, it eliminated all the suspense of when they’d get together since readers knew every single angle of the situation all at once.

This was the author’s debut novel. It was pretty charming, causing me to smile a lot. I liked the main characters as well as the supporting ones.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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