Rejection happens. Shannon A. Thompson’s blog has an encouraging post on how to deal with it. Like she states, “When our art is rejected, many feel completely defeated, and they never get out there again. This saddens me. This is how art dies.”

Shannon A Thompson

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Rejection is everywhere: we break up, we get fired, we lose friends—and we survive them all—yet, when our art is rejected, many feel completely defeated, and they never get out there again. This saddens me. This is how art dies.

Rejection happens to everyone, and, if it hasn’t already, it will happen to you—but you cannot let criticism get you down.

In terms of the writing industry, many writers, professional or not, already know about the long-hated query letter. My favorite metaphor for writing one is the ballerina having to explain why she can…

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    • Hey Shannon,
      No problem. Reading your post was motivation for me. Submitting short stories to magazines is a LONG waiting game, so I’m mentally preparing for an acceptance or rejection. I’ll check out the website you suggested–looks like a fun read!

      Keep smiling,

  1. I finally got an agent last fall, after several YEARS of rejection. Sometimes I think the agent rejections prepare you for what’s next… rejections from publishing houses. But if I stick it out–if I keep believing in myself and keep writing and keep encouraging my agent to submit it to one more editor–one of these times, a publisher will fall in love with the tales I tell.

    • Hey Mrs. Webmaster,
      Congratulations on getting an agent! I know you’ll find an editor to say “yes,” then before you know it, your book will be on bookshelves throughout the world 🙂 You’re right about keep believing in yourself and your book. If the author doesn’t, then who will?

      Good luck to you.

      Keep smiling,

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