Book Review: The Last Stonestepper By Elliott Logan

In an instant, a mysterious phenomenon plunges people everywhere into crazed hysteria. Amidst the anarchy, a lone survivor fights for his life while searching for the woman he loves. But for him, the battle may already be lost.

Aboard Flight 75 to Los Angeles, Matthew Hayes’s plans for a lucrative screenwriting career are disrupted when a widespread brawl breaks out mid-flight, the passengers and crew lashing out with a ferocious rage. Hayes and other unaffected passengers manage to land the plane, only to discover the disease has spread over the ground and they are now being hunted by a mob of unhinged people hell-bent on murder and violence. Frantic to find his fiancée-to-be, Hayes treks home across hostile countryside. But there is a catch: he never should have survived the phenomenon. In fact, the disease is alive inside of him, slowly taking control. It is a race against the clock as Hayes struggles to get home, fighting the devil within as the insanity begins to pull him under.


I loved this 30 chapter book. It was suspenseful and full of action. Chills ran down my spine when Matthew (a.k.a. Hayes) and other passengers were on the plane. Everything was cool at first, in fact, I thought it was pretty cool that he was making friends with people in his row. Hayes went into the bathroom. He saw a flash, then had a headache. All hell broke loose after that! I also loved the mystery aspect of “The Event.” Why did some people stay normal while others turned into violent crazies and others turned into peaceful crazies stuck in la la land? You’ll have to read to find out.

My favorite lines: 1) Killing was all they cared about, even if it meant injury or death. 2) Ten minutes ago, the screenplay was the most stressful thing in his life. Now he didn’t know if he would live to see California. What a difference. 3) They made the cut to survive the Event, but that didn’t spare them from youthful inexperience. 4) “Everyone dies, Matthew. How one lives is what’s important.” 5) Every writer’s dream was to have their work reach the four corners of the world.

Hayes met Patrick (a.k.a. Barnes) and Andrea (a.k.a. Medina) on the plane–they were the only normal ones left on the flight. When they dispatched to other airlines, figuring something peculiar happened to other planes as well, it was crazy. I had goosebumps whenever other planes crashed to the ground. I feared they wouldn’t make it; thankfully, Barnes held himself under pressure.

After landing the plane, they ran into Officer Odez and Charles (a.k.a. Hinckley). Trouble followed soon after. Once the first victim died, I knew no one was safe. I knew that the characters needed to keep their guard up no matter what. They found shelter in an abandoned home, coming across Cameron (a.k.a. Levine), a 17 year old girl. Let’s just say, there were 6 total in the group–only half made it.

The rest were saved by the military, who brought all civilians to a base. The thrills kept coming. Not only did they have to worry about the violent crazies, now they had to worry about the egotistical Sergeant in charge. He wanted to set up his own civilization, didn’t matter the costs. These survivors weren’t met with compassion. They were met with the message that he’d use them by any means necessary (for example, women would be used to pop out babies with no choice in the matter).

Another intriguing mystery element: the man in a pinstripe suit. Hayes kept seeing him. At first, I thought he was a ghost, but he could’ve been a hallucination or his mind playing tricks on him.

The author was great with plot. It was a real page turner for me because the situation was so WTF. I had to read the ending fast to get the answers. There were no boring sections, and the author paced the story out really well. By the end, I really cared for Barnes, Medina, Hayes, and Kristin (Hayes’s girlfriend). The ending was stellar–I didn’t see that coming!

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Last Stonestepper By Elliott Logan

    • I remember you mentioning something about it–how he didn’t want to know what the review said, just post it 🙂

      How’s your book coming along? I can’t wait to read it.

      Keep smiling,

      • Yes, that was him!

        It’s going well, thanks for asking. I got the prequel back from the editor and I have to be the only writer in the world whose editor asked them to add stuff! Haha. I’m in the middle of rewrites, but still hoping for a late March release. Thanks for asking!

      • LOL I tend to underwrite too, then in revisions I have to add a bunch of setting details. Then another round, I usually eliminate a lot of stuff, causing a novel to turn into a novella.

        Can’t wait to read your work!

        Keep smiling,

    • I received feedback from my editor 🙂 I plan on a book release date for April–can’t believe it’ll be next month!!! I’ll write a blog post about it soon.

      Keep smiling,

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