Book Review: Night of the Necromancer By Kyle West and Jelani Sims

You were a student just trying to survive college. Now, as zombies break down your front door, you must ask if you will survive the night.

You will need weapons. A vehicle. A group. A plan.

You must make all the right decisions to avoid a zombie’s sharp teeth shredding you to bloody bits.

Will you receive your overbearing ex-girlfriend, who broke up with you hours before the zombies arrived?

Will you trust the survivors you meet along the way?

Will you retreat to the country’s little used roads and creepy forests? Or fight your way through the city’s streets, buildings, and subways?

Can you end the Necromancer’s zombie reign of terror, or watch helplessly as the world disintegrates into his vision of madness and death?

If you are quick on your feet, you just might live to see another day. One wrong decision, you will end up as zombie food, or worse…a member of the undead.

10176692I loved this choose-your-own-adventure zombie tale. Since it was written in the present tense, it felt like the situations were really happening. You meet new people along the way and have conversations with them. The different scenarios definitely play with your flight or fight syndrome. After so much decision making, I started getting in the groove, getting lost in the story. It was pretty intense and it felt like a life or death situation. I couldn’t let people down LOL. The writers had short sentences, intensifying the action and suspense. My heart raced to see if I made the right decisions; I love challenges.

To show an example of how it’s a choose-your-own-adventure, I’ll share my zombie night experience. The story started off with you’re studying in the library with your girlfriend. College exams are near. You research about grave-robbers in a town nearby.

  • I ended up driving home, taking a classmate to the hospital, rescuing my girlfriend, going to the Mega-Mart to gather supplies/guns (where I meet other survivors), going to the city to see if we can reach the military, trying to take down the Necromancer directly.
  • Let’s just say, throughout the night I died 10 times. The good thing about the book is that after you pick a scenario where you end up dying, you can return back to the original link to pick a different option (helping you live longer). Finally, I received my ending where I survived the night by saving the world. Yea!!! Another cool feature about the book is at the very end, you can look at different checkpoints throughout this zombie adventure–airport, countryside, losing some members, etc.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the authors or book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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