Book Review: The Boudicca Parchments By Adam Palmer

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review.***

It’s finally arrived! The sequel to THE MOSES LEGACY!!!!

A nocturnal intruder at an archaeological dig site in England finds a parchment written in Hebrew script. Thousands of miles away, Semitic language expert Daniel Klein receives a blurred image on his mobile phone. But when he meets with the sender, he realizes that he has walked into an ambush.

Accused of murder, Daniel finds himself on the run, pursued by a ruthless ultra-orthodox Jewish sect that is determined to silence him. With the aid of a beautiful Mossad officer, Sarit Shalev (who despite her Israeli name is of Irish origin), and a Cambridge Professor of Archaeology, Daniel follows a trail of clues that takes him from London to Rome to Jerusalem, in a quest for the link between two of the Roman’s empire’s most troublesome opponents: the ancient Britons and the Judeans.

But who are these ultra-orthodox Jews trying to stop him? And why are they being helped by a glamorous, antisemitic former fashion model, who seems to have jumped into bed with her ideological opponents? Could it be that what Daniel has stumbled upon is equally threatening to both sides? Or is it simply that venal motives have created strange bedfellows?

With the predators closing in on Daniel from all sides, he must keep his wits about him, as danger lurks in every corner–and it isn’t clear who he can trust.

17182921This 91 chapter book isn’t typically a genre I prefer reading, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Martin dug where he wasn’t supposed to and found a scroll. He sent a photo of it to Daniel, indirectly getting him involved in trouble. When Daniel went to the meeting place, he found Martin dead, the scroll had disappeared, and now Sam Morgan was trying to kill him by setting the place on fire. In case that didn’t work, he left an anonymous tip, so the British police would believe Daniel was the culprit.

My favorite lines: 1) “You cannot fight your enemies if your time is consumed by fighting your friends.” 2) He wasn’t afraid of Costa, except in the sense that a man might be afraid of fleas. But as fleas go, Costa was particularly irritating.

I enjoyed that the bad guys could outsmart the cops but had a difficult time capturing Daniel. I liked that he was being chased across the world because of Martin (a.k.a. Costa); the tunnel scene was especially entertaining. The twist at the end revealing Sam’s true identity was pretty cool too.

That’s why (for me), it turned into a slow read whenever a lot of backstory and information on the history/religion elements were introduced. It read like a thesis paper and/or encyclopedia. I wished those sections could have been broken up in bits and pieces instead of going on and on…Some times it was hard to get back into the action (which was the part I enjoyed the most–the mystery of solving what was so special about the scroll, teams working together to keep Daniel safe while cops trying to find him to re-arrest him, etc.).

I could tell the story was written with sophistication, and like I said, the parts I didn’t care for, is what another reader would probably fall in love with. If you’re interested in archaeology, Jewish/Israeli history origins, then this story will keep your interest.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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