Book Review: Evil Water By Inger Wolf

Two women disappear without a trace, and the same autumn a farmer on the outskirts of Arhus finds them murdered in suitcases under a heap of stone. The skin of one woman is filled with the letter Y and the other has a rare flower in her hair. Inspector Daniel Trokic is leading the case which goes in several directions: to a tribal population in Africa, religious insanity, and a horrifying meeting with leeches. When a third woman disappears, Trokic is under pressure to find out what the killer wants to say with his macabre scenery and rituals.

41-tEW9uBHL._AA160_I enjoyed this 76 chapter book. I loved how the opening scene was pretty intense–it was written from the victim’s perspective right before she took her final breath. This upped the creepy factor. When the cops figured out she died by a massive leech attack, then I felt sorry for her. That sounds like a disgusting, slow, painful way to go.

The author was great with the mystery aspect of the story. The little bit of clues revealed throughout the book (during the victims and killer point-of-view) was appreciated. I tried to guess who the killer was and motive until the very end (I had five guesses, none were right LOL). So Inger Wolf definitely had the right mixture of red herrings. Plus, the case was interesting. I liked the interaction between the cops Trokic, Jane, Sia, and Jasper.

  • After the third woman’s abduction, I began putting the pieces together, so I was right about one thing. It was a cool twist. The killer’s backstory was sad–I could see why the person ended up that way.

My favorite scenes: 1) Trokic questioning the farmer and his wife about two dead women buried on his property 2) Jane is scared of Jasper’s informant at night on the street so runs to the police station 3) the cops questioning the killer’s family member 4) Jane hacking into the therapist’s files 5) when the mystery was solved.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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