Book Review: At First Light By Spike Pedersen

Disillusioned with the seedy family business, Jesse Nickols turns in a new direction with an unknown destination. Fate brings Jesse to British Columbia, a region of free spirits and local jealousy. He joins two hang gliders whose only existence is time in the harness and the drive to conquer the mountain. But when a local logger confronts Jesse, there can be but one alpha male. Forced to run, they find adventure in the biggest rainforest on the planet.

At the same time, Piper Brown decides that another tedious trip with her mother to Rodeo Drive just might kill her. She disappears into the million-person city of Manaus, in the middle of the Amazon. While enjoying the privileges of affluence, she finds a child tied to a post with a bloody rope. One thought consumes her: find this child’s home and return her.

However, she discovers the child’s jungle home is embroiled in a war of genocide, where things she never dreamed of thrust Piper into action. If anyone is to survive, Piper needs an assassin. Can she ask Jesse to be a killer? Will it stop the revenge killings? Can he survive?

There’s just one problem…she’s madly in love with him.

15994135I enjoyed this 51 chapter book. It was action-packed with characters not afraid to pack up and leave their old lives behind to embark on a new adventure. I admired them for their bravery.

Jesse worked for his uncle as a construction worker. After an argument, he took off and headed to British Columbia. There he met the cook (a female not afraid to tell it like it was) and Za. They taught him how to hang glide. Then a pretty lady named Haylie joined the picture, so you can only imagine the male testosterone rising with both Jesse and Za trying to win her over.

Huntoon, a crazy bully, decided to taunt the newcomers (Jesse and Haylie). They were feisty with him, egging him on. I’m all for standing up for yourself, but sometimes you have to learn to read a person to tell when/if they snapped LOL. I loved the tension and conflict in these scenes, especially when Huntoon brought a gun to the bar and when he attempted to shoot Jesse while he’s in the middle of the air hang gliding. It was sad that the cook died, saving his life. I felt bad that the cop made them leave without getting to attend the funeral or say sorry to her parents.

I also enjoyed the action in Brazil–the Amazon. Piper was alone if a foreign world; I couldn’t even imagine. She connected with Evenel, a little girl. It was sad that her dad was murdered right in front of her, then the bad guys were selling her. Thankfully, Piper was there to buy her, ultimately saving her.

My favorite section was Haylie, Jesse, and Za sailed on a boat towards the Amazon. I loved the sexual tension. At first, I thought Jesse would win her heart, but she ended up with Za. Their flirting was cute. Jesse acted like a big baby because he wasn’t chosen. I don’t even think Haylie acknowledged it LOL. This opened the door for Jesse to pursue Piper when they finally meet. I thought they were a cute couple even though Jesse not listening to her caused trouble with Tohanna.

  • Tohanna was a violent bully who terrorized the tribe living in his jungle. It was interesting that the group left Canada because of a bully only to find one ten times worse in the Amazon. They also had to watch out for pirates while riding Pan’s boat on the river. Pan was one of my favorite characters. It was pretty funny when he kept saying Piper would dehydrate.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

  • Website
  • Email: spikepedersen57(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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