Book Review: Rakshasa: Tigerheart by Alica Knight

He took Katelyn.

My best friend is missing, taken from me, her life in the hands of a killer. The Rakshasa are strong. We’re confident. We’re powerful. But the Champawat Tiger has found a weakness, a crack in the armour of our kind; our attachment to humans, to those  we care about.

Our friends.

The killer casts a wide net and I fear for Katelyn’s safety, but there are worse things coming for Ishan and I, things that pain me more than words can say.

The shadow is coming. With it, the end of everything I know.

51r+XBhH5bL._AA160_I enjoyed this 6 chapter book. It was told through Aurora’s first person point-of-view. My favorite line: “That’s the thing isn’t it,” said Vriko, an eager grin forming over his face, “see we know it’s a trap, and Eclipse knows that we know it’s a trap, but what Eclipse doesn’t know is that we know that he knows it’s a trap, but we’re going to spring our own trap on him.”

I liked the mention of old characters and some events that happened in the earlier books to tie everything together. In the last book, Hailstone threatened Aurora to stay away from Ishan. It was nice to get a name with a face. And the guy who helped out in Book 1 was named Vriko.

The two tribes are still enemies but decide to work together to save Katelyn from the Champawat Tiger. In this book, he was also referred to as Eclipse, which is a clue. At the end of every dream, Aurora always witnesses an eclipse. I loved the reveal of the human form the Champawat Tiger took over. I wasn’t expecting that.

Not only was the villain ruthless, but he’s also patient and intelligent. His scheme focused on the bigger picture–he wants all of his kind dead so he can steal their powers. But were they smarter than him? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The cliffhanger was interesting; it motivated me to read the last book in the series. And I think her first dream may tie into it. Before the dream was steamy, everything felt wrong. It was dark, cold with snow fall. In the past, it has always been sunny.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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