Christmas Memory #3


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I remember when me and my cousin Devin were little. Even though I was an only child at the time (my brother and I are 13 years apart), it always seemed like Devin was my brother. We always played together, our parents always dressed us up alike (if I got a Starter coat, he got one; if I got Fila sneakers, he got them too; etc.), and we always had to take pictures together.

Christmas was pretty cool at grandma’s house because we got to read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and other Dr. Seuss books. Afterwards, we’d drink hot chocolate and go sledding down the big hill at the park across the street. Snow was always good when you’re a kid hee hee. One time we didn’t realize there was a hole in the fence (blocking the creek from the basketball court) and we darted right through it. I’m scared of water–hence can’t swim–so I cried. If you have ever watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights, there’s a scene where the guy is in shallow waters and flapping his arms, legs all about, screaming he can’t swim. Picture me like that bundled up in a tobagin, scarf, snowsuit, and boots 🙂 Good times. Good times.

One winter, Devin and I walked all of Charles Town (mostly those homes near the swimming pool park and the spot where John Brown was hung), knocking on peoples’ doors to see if we could shovel snow for money. I wasn’t lazy that day 🙂

It was fun participating in this Christmas Blogging Event with L.M. Sherwin. Since adulthood, I’ve been a Ms. Scrooge around the holidays (Christmas is just another day for me). I’m happy to say this year has actually been pretty decent. However, I’m still ready for next Tuesday to arrive, so the constant holiday music can stop on the radio hee hee.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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