Book Review: The 13th Cycle By Sabrina Ricci

Amara Randall is a college student with a passion for exposing the truth. When she sees the havoc the Maya calendar predictions wreak, she decides to debunk the myths and try to restore the peace.

Mahaway is a charismatic young scribe in ancient Maya. But her world is torn apart when a greedy new king declares war on her city.

Now at the end of 2012, Amara’s obsession leads her to uncovering a deadly conspiracy, one with roots dating back more than a thousand years. Using clues Mahaway has left behind as a guide, Amara must stop the conspirators’ terrifying plan before December 21. If she doesn’t, the world really will end.


I enjoyed this 20 chapter book. It was told through Amara and Mahaway’s third person point-of-view, each rotating chapters. Amara’s ancestors were part Mayan, so the entire time I wondered if she was a descendant of Mahaway. It was revealed that years earlier her granddad researched in Mexico about the Mayan calendar, ultimately committing suicide. I worried about Amara’s safety when she announced she wanted to investigate a story for The Eagle, a school newspaper.

I loved the friendships within the story. Mahaway and Yochi were best friends as well as Cayden and Amara (they were roommates). It was cute noticing the guys’ interactions with the girls to see how they pined over her even though she didn’t realize it. Made me root for them to have a happy ending.

It was cool how Chapter 1 started with Amaya and Cayden watching the news about Hurricane Sandy taking out the Jersey Shore. Since that happened recently in real life, it affected me to see the time schedule (setting) so close to real time. It made me reflect how the characters dealt with the tragic events compared to real people. And how the characters treated the rumors that the world will end on December 21, 2012 compared to real people.

It was fun to read a story based off the world ending on December 21st. The author created a pretty entertaining concept, and published it so close to the date. Cool beans. I loved reading the history of the Mayan calendar and traditions. Sabrina Ricci did a great job of having the readers think.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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