Why Do Crushes Revert You Back To Junior High?

Crushes come and go. But while you have them, you get intense feelings for someone, butterflies in your stomach, insert any corny description hee hee…

In school, I was a pretty private person. I wouldn’t reveal my crushes to anyone, not even my family or friends. One day in the 12th grade, I got the bright idea to engage in girl talk with my two classmates Katie and Janice. We had a couple classes together and they were always cool towards me.

I confessed that I had a crush on Junior H., a junior in our Business Law class. He was a class clown (back then, I was attracted to anyone who could make me laugh). He looked like a younger, cuter version of John Malkovich. It felt good to get that off my chest. I figured we could have a secret amongst ourselves and something to gossip about when we were bored with the lecture.

That same day at lunch, I walked to the line to get food (it must have been stromboli or pizza day because anything else I always ate cookies and chips from the vending machines). Junior H. was seated with a group of friends. With a huge, sneaky grin, he said, “Hey Yawatta” in a sing-songy voice. Taken aback, I said “hi”. He had never acknowledged my presence outside of class before; that should have been my first clue that something was up. My second clue–he wouldn’t stop staring at me with his goofy smile. His eyes followed me through the line. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t even tell you if his friends were snickering or not because I only focused on his odd behavior.

Well let me tell ya, the girls informed me that they had told him my secret. I was flabbergasted; I didn’t want him to know. How embarrassing! Everyone in our class already knew Junior H. had a crush on the triplets, Brianna and Bridget, even though he had no shot in hell. Our Business Law classmates and teacher always teased him about it. He took it all in stride, never missing an opportunity to flirt with them.

That day and for the rest of 2nd semester, the class and Ms. Williams-Grant picked on Junior H. and me about my crush. I appreciated that he was nice about the situation. He could’ve turned into an arrogant douchebag, but that wasn’t his style. Every day she’d point out how much I was a catch (how embarrassing!) and would encourage him to take me to prom. Good times. Good times.

Even though that experience happened, it didn’t discourage me in college from revealing who my crushes were. Sometimes it feels good to get it off your chest. To put the ball in someone else’s court and if nothing happens, then it’s easier to move on.

Yesterday reminded me of this incident because I confessed that I used to have a crush on someone, with the girl thinking maybe I never stopped liking the guy. I had been alone with two girls; its a guy we all know. Will it be a repeat of Business Law class?

Anyone have any funny or interesting experiences to share about revealing your crush on a person?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

2 thoughts on “Why Do Crushes Revert You Back To Junior High?

    • Hey Anita,
      I don’t know if my crushes ever knew (besides Junior). If they did, they didn’t let me know LOL. I’ve always had more than one crush at a time, and it never went anywhere.

      But there’s absolutely a difference between crushing and liking someone. When I like a guy, I definitely put in some effort to get to know him.

      Keep smiling,

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