Book Review: Mom Con By K. Morris

Meet Anita Henry, a hard-working, single mom trying to launch her own business after losing her job. The only problem is a nasty lawsuit charging her with stealing secrets from her ex-employer.

Corporate espionage? Please. Her single greatest offense was a fashion felony. But when a shady court ruling forces Anita to cease and desist, she’s determined to set things right.

Her plan involves launching the hippest night spot in town, but can she work her scheme while juggling her brother the musician, who likes her couch just a little too much; his manager who’s prone to some sketchy accounting practices; an ex-husband who can’t seem to remember those child support payments; and an old flame who wouldn’t mind heating things up again?

417x201uTlL._AA160_I loved this 31 chapter book. It was told through Anita and Evan’s third person point-of-view, each rotating chapters. My favorite lines: 1) Hell hath no fury like a man cock-blocked. 2) Although the closet she’d come to being an attorney were Law & Order reruns, Anita had an idea what was coming next. 3) Justice was supposed to be blind, but as she’d learned the hard way, it could also be downright idiotic.

My favorite scenes: 1) when Anita forgot to pick up her daughter from school; they argued in the car 2) whenever she argued with her ex-husband Craig 3) when Anita, Renee, and Chrissie were fired (I loved the different emotions displayed. First, they were excited about their new invention, then just like that, everything was taken from them) 4) when the con was put into action at the nightclub 5) whenever she got served for court (It was funny how upset Anita felt)

The author had a brilliant talent with voice and point-of-view; I loved the narration because the story had a cute and funny flow to it. Anita, her girl friends, Drake (her old flame), and Corey (her new boyfriend) were by far my favorites. Anita was sassy, but kept it classy. Even though Evan was up to no good throughout the entire book, I couldn’t help but find him somewhat charming. He was a trip; it seemed like he was extra obnoxious, wanting to get under Anita’s skin because he couldn’t have her. One of those immature mentalities. I loved the conflict and tension within the story, especially when she makes a visit to her brother’s manager’s office. I was lost in the book that it felt like a Lifetime movie. I could picture Gabrielle Union as Anita.

I’m happy that at the end of the book Evan received his karma. At the beginning, Anita, Renee, and Chrissie developed an idea for the One-Touch. They were excited to share their plans with the CEO Evan. Instead of giving them a promotion or letting them be project managers, he fired them. It was cool that even though the women were in shock, they were pro-active in setting things right. They were determined to invent One-Touch on their own until shady Evan put a stop to it. I enjoyed the back and forth of everyone trying to one up each other. I also liked that the story included positive friendships between the ladies. I always appreciate when the female characters can get along instead of acting catty towards each other.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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